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Service for Kawasaki - Brisbane

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by ali, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    I tired to search this topic but couldn't find anything - so feel free to link me somewhere if this has already been covered.

    My little baby is up for her first service (1000 kms) and as I brought it second hand I dont know anywhere in Brisbane who has a good rep for servicing.

    Can anyone suggest somewhere?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Your local Kawasaki Dealership can do this for you.
  3. I'm not sure of dealers north of Brisbane, but my bike goes to Pro Honda at Rocklea - find yourself a good bike shop who treat you well, and respect your bike!
  4. So you send your beloved Kwaka to a Honda dealership?... :?

    I'm curious - I need to find somewhere to get mine servced and since I'll be working just down the road from "Brisbane Motorcycles" soon - I might look into it as an option (I had figured since they were a Honda/Ducati/Suzuki shop they wouldnt be interested - but perhaps that philosophy is not correct?)

    Would certainly be nice to find a *good* and *local* place to look after the ZZR! :)
  5. you can try play around with it yourselve dadsagain.. oil changse arent that hard :)
  6. I did my ER6 1000kms service. I was quoted $200, it cost me $45 for Silkolene synthethic 10W~40 oil and $20 for a oil filter.
    It took me half an hour all up provided you have the tools, and nothing hard too it.
  7. I take my bike to a reputable dealer with great mechanics who do what I ask - they don't leave my bike outside if it looks like rain, they don't check the tyres (I have nitrogen) they don't oil the chain (I use a different lube to them), they don't let the apprentices even breathe near my bike and they give me staff price cause my husband does the test rides on Saturdays! And most of the staff are friends.

    And the mechanics work at the different branches of Pro Motorcycles, so they work on Kwakas as well as Honda's.

    Dad, find a local bike mechanic who does what you ask, doesn't rip you off and has loaner bikes available, and stick with them!
  8. Extreme mechanical ineptitude + life-critical machinery = good case for outsourcing any maintenance! :grin: :grin:

    ...and (excuse my ignorance) - what so good about nitogen? :?:
  9. Go see Alex at LAE racing 38656122at Geebung right beside train station

    I take my Buell there and they know there stuff.
  10. ...and (excuse my ignorance) - what so good about nitogen? :?:-(/quote]

    Well same with cars apparently its more denser and harder for the tyre to compress then normal air e.g. turning into a corner, keeps tyre pressures more constant, increases tyre life, reduce's running temps (isn't the warmer the better?). This is apparently what the benefits are, normal air filled tyres do the trick for me :)
  11. In that case, there's Midtown Kawasaki, just a bit over to the side from Brisbane Motorcycles. They have a good service department too.

    LAE Racing is good. I used to take my Across to Bike Performance at Enoggera, which also has a train station pretty much next to it.