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Service costs

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by cruiser_bloke, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. Hi all, I am about to buy a new bike. I am looking a M50, M90, VN900, VN1300?, V-star 1100 and anything else people can recommend. What I would like to know is what people are paying for various services. And where is the best place to have it done.

  2. Buy the manual and do it yourself.

    My last service was quoted at $400, and cost me $60 and an afternoon.

    And if there is a special tool (suzuki oil filters for example) buy it and life will be easy.

    And you get to know your bike a whole lot more. Who cares if it takes twice as long. Just make sure you follow the procedures, and buy all gaskets etc before starting. While the bike is being serviced, an ideal opportunity to clean properly, and inspect for wear,damage etc.

    And you get to save heaps to spend on mods.
  3. My usual service cost is around $300 for my C50 I think, with a major service up around $400. Booked in for this Friday so will let you know then.

    OK to do your own but concerned about warranty etc.
  4. Thank you for your replies.

    The warranty bit is my concern because I am probably going to buy brand new. Although they don't make the M90 in blue anymore. But the dark plum is quite nice to so long as it isn't black.
  5. not black!!!
  6. Believe it or not there are some riders that DO want to be seen by others. M90s came in a metalic blue and M109s came in a nice metalic orange. Much more appealing than boring black. \\:D/

  7. mate my black M109 is so big it can be seen from the moon...... with the naked eye!

    forget fad colours like that orange looked cool today, but tomorrow.... how's all them shithouse green commonwhores going and that tiger barf colour they had, looked good for 2 min now, looks like arse....
  8. Must be my feminine side coming out.

    I quite like that Hothouse green

    and the new one what ever it is

    but the new purple tops it

    And no I am not a wog
  9. The first service on my M90 cost just under $300. Not sure what they cost from here on in. I agree with you in that while it's under warranty I'll get the dealer to do the servicing.

    Shame they dropped the blue from the line-up. Glad I got mine when I did, not fussed on black bikes. It's not a visibility thing, I've owned large white trucks and still haven't been seen by other drivers. Years ago I used to drive BRTs (Big Red Trucks) in Brisbane and even with the revolving lights & sirens going people still didn't see the BRT and get out of the way. Colour can help with visibility, but I think mainly an attitude adjustment is needed. :)
  10. Just had 30k service done and $290.
  11. Just had the 12000 km service on my M50 and I paid $650.
    $200 of this was a new rear tyre.
    $355 was labour.

    I don't want to badmouth my dealer without knowing the hours spent, but it seems a bit high on the face of it.
  12. Well, that is $555 - where did the other $95 come from?
  13. $2.40 for some sort of gasket
    $28 for an oil filter
    $9.90 for 2 spark plugs
    $39.10 for 3.4L of oil
    $10 listed as "workshop supplies"
    and best of all....
    $5.50 environmental levy.

    the labour fee was actually $355.10 by the way, gotta have that nice round dollar value at the bottom of the bill. ;)
  14. To dispose of your old tyre...