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service cost

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by whitelighter, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. :idea: been trying to get a service done on my GPX250 but the 3 prices i have been quoted are a joke when i got the first service it cost me $160 now thay want $250 how can the cost jump almost 70% in 4 mths can any one tell me where i might get a better price :tantrum: i am almost certen that thay are trying to rip me off :furious:

  2. Where are you? How many Kms? What type of service needs be done?
  3. First service on my GT250R was $120 at Staffords in Heidelberg, Melbourne.
  4. I paid $440 for a full service on my GPX.

    Mind you, that included replacing the speedo cable ($40), redoing the thread where the mirrors bolt in and pulling the entire speedo stuff apart and putting it all back together again just to check it was okay.

    They did a great job.
  5. That’s cheap. Are 250cc bike that cheap to service? Its been a while.
    Mate considering I have the easiest bike ever to service I had to fork out over $400 dollars which amounted to little more then an oil change and valve adjustment, which is a very simple task on a Guzzi.
    Even then they left the oil filter loose and I was leaking oil were I lost about 200ml in a couple of days.
    If you consider the cost of oil and filter plus other stuff you might of required its a fair price.
  6. Learn to do your own (minor) servicing! To change oil + filter, chain adjustment, check bolts + screws for tightness will probably cost you about $70-$100 and at least you know the oil + filter have been changed unlike when taking it to a shop for 'a service'. Time will be anywhere from 30 mins to a couple hours if you want to take care with your baby and check it over thouroughly :)

    Most services are only oil change (supposed to be filter as well but you will find not all shops do this every/any? time) plus you also get to see if any thing is getting loose on the bike.
  7. Bit of simple logic here, please mate. Services differ in price because some entail replacement of consumables (filters, etc) when others don't. You're not being ripped off if it's a reputable dealer and he's giving you an itemised account.......
  8. Yes i agree with undii do it yourself i always did my gpx myself it is sooo easy and so rewarding and you know it has been done and everything has been tighten right.

    get the workshop manaul and go hard at it you can't do any worse than what the bikeshops do.
  9. If you are not receiving an itemised invoice from the dealer enquire why not.
    Yes it is fine to do the servicing yourself, the only problem I have with that, being in the industry, is when if the bike has a problem it can take a lot longer to diagnose and fix if the history of the servicing is cloudy. Therefore costing a lot more to rectify.
    Also for those people with bikes under warranty the warranty can be voided by doing work on the bike yourself.
  10. Note that some manufacturers (this is true for my VTR250 at least) will only uphold warranty if you get your bike serviced at an authorised dealer at the intervals specified. So doing your own service instead might void your warranty.

    Something to consider if the GPX250 is new and you value your warranty. :wink:

  11. Actually, I think that's wrong :) They can't force you to only go to an authorised dealer. Check https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=20316&start=0
  12. No retailer can force you to have your vehicle serviced at their dealership, in order to maintian warrentee. What you must do, however, if you ever have a warrentee claim, is prove that it was serviced correctly.

    Which means that it is difficult to prove correct serving if you haven't got a service record, because you have been servicing yourself.

    You can, however, get your book stamped if you get it serviced elsewhere.

    The difference in price may be attributed to the amount of time needed to do this service, because more needs to be done in this one.

    Most people that winge about service costs fail to realise that labout costs $50-70/hr depending upon skill level. So at $250, they are not spending much time on your bike.

    this is why I do my servicing myself.
  13. That's not what I said. In my warranty it says that for the warranty to be valid, the bike has to be serviced at an 'authorised' honda dealer (not necessarily the dealer you bought the bike from).

    I can only go by what my honda warranty statement says. By that statement I'm sure that Honda wouldn't uphold my warranty if I claimed I did the servicing myself (i.e no stamps in the book).
  14. ibast is correct, labour costs are up past 80 an hour.
    As long as the bike is serviced according to the manufactureres specifications and using the correct tools etc, yes your warranty should be ok, depending on manufacturer as well.
    A lot of service centres that are not brand specific will not often have the diagnostic tools necessary.
    BMW is a good example, the GT1 machine that talks to the bikes via the electronics is hideously expensive. Not many shops are going to outlay that money if they only get one or two in. This means the service cannot be completed correctly as part of it is reading any fault codes with the machine.
    One problem of bikes becoming more electronic I suppose.
  15. Not sure about that one. I realise that you could get repairs done anywhere but I'm quite sure the warranty statement only mentions regular servicing not repairs. I could be wrong on that one though.
  16. They can't even force you to do that. The only exception is extended warrentee agreements.

    I read the statement in the service books for one of my cars once and could have sworn that, that was what was written.

    I had to read it 3 times to realise that in fact all it was saying was that it had to be done correctly.

    They are very tricky.

    I can't imagine they wouldn't honor a warrentee on a minor issue, but if your engine blew up, then they would claim the wrong oil or went in or simlar
  17. I don't have the manual in front of me so I can't quote. But it's definately something I'll have to check out again tonight. :?
  18. Taking your car and bike to a dealer or authorised service agent can be very beneficial.
    They all get service bulletins from head office that outline the latest glitches and fixes being found in their cars and bikes.

    What this means is that if you have a tricky problem that is hard to diagnose, the dealer has the best chance of finding it quickly.

    May not be the cheapest option initially, but can work out better in the long run. Sometimes.
  19. ok guys and girls needs a major service recoed about 10,000 k ago speedo saying almost 60,00 k i think northen suberbs
  20. Try Redline motorcycles in Dandenong - their address is 112 Hammond Road which is next door to a place called A1 saw service.. These guys do a better than great job at a fair price and explain exactly what needs to be done and what has been done during the service. They even give you a CD with pictures that they take of your bike being serviced as well as a checklist of everything they have done on the bike which includes about 20 things right down to checking wheel bearings and lubing of cables! With these guys you can be sure the job has been done and done right! They are really nice people too!!!! TOTALLY RECOMMEND these guys