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Service cost on a BMW K1600 GTL?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Geoffc, Jun 7, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys I am looking at replacing my Victory with a BMW K1600 GTL that has 33,000 kms on it. The bike has all service records and looks as new, with a few additional options. I was wondering if anyone that has the same bike can give me a idea on the 30,000 and 40,000 ilm service cost thanks.
    In addition too this any serious real issues. I look forward to any replies.
    Kind regards
    Geoff C

  2. I replied to your other thread asking about the bikes.

    30km is the big service and includes plugs and valve inspection. I am a member of the big K1600 forum, and worldwide I have not known anyone to need valves shimmed at the 30km service, so you would be very unlucky to need to.

    The normal minor services every 10km are $300-$400 at the BMW dealer, depending on which you go to and that's a shit load of cash for an oil/filter change and plug into the BMW computer, but while under warranty I suck it up. If I bought a used one out of warranty, I'd do it myself no issues at all. Its an easy bike to do oil/filter. At the 20km intervals there is a slight additional cost for the final drive oil.

    The major service at 30km, I have heard of costs close to $800, and that didn't include any time that I know of for valve adjustment. Make sure if you get this done the person doing it knows what they are doing because you have to drain the radiator, and its not just a simple case of re-filling it when you are done, they have to be burped or you will overheat 10 mins from the workshop.
  3. I think this question was asked in the last Motorcycle Trader magazine (tech section). The journalist’s response was something along the lines of $800, given the high labour component.
  4. Thanks so much I was looking at a 33,000 ilm second hand one and I ,like you could do my own oil changes. But I am now leaning towers anew 2015 model. Thanks so much for the info.
  5. Thanks for this info as well.
  6. If your budget goes to a new one, I suggest you wait a few months. Normally sometime in Oc, the 16 models will be released.
  7. Hey Tweet, Thanks I am only looking at the moment and can wait till the new model. I checked out the so call limited plated 2014 model specials and there told me there is only 2 left in the country of the K1600 GTL`s. one was a 2014 and the other was a 2015 and both were at another dealership so I am happy to wait too see what the 2016 model brings. Plus IOam sure if I wait long enough there will be some sort of special out. Thanks for the heads up too.