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Service Charges

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by flicanada, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. I want to do general service for my motorcycle - Suzuki Across, How much can I expect to pay , i checked out a motorcycle mechanic in Balmain (Sydney) and he said the charges are $80 per hr and 4 hrs work plus parts. I try to search in the forum , but want successful to find any previous discussion on this, can you please provide some help on this.

    Also can you recommend any mechanic?


  2. Go for a fixed price quote.
    General service should be no more than 1.5 hours @$75-80. plus parts.

    Expect to pay around ~$220 - 250 for a reasonable service.
  3. Depending on the K's on the bike $250 would be a good average. You can also tell them to contact you if they want to do any more work.
    If you are sus on what they have done when you pick up the bike ask to see the old parts.

    A reputable bike shop will have standard charges and shouldnt stuff you around.
  4. Learn to do it yourself. It's not hard to get fairings off and changing filters, oils and fluids is really easy on most bikes.

    You will be saving $250-400 3-4 times a year even if you don't learn to do brake pads and brake fluids.
  5. Sorry I was away couldnt reply earlier.

    Thanks for the advice guys. Where can I learn how to perform simple maintenance ?

  6. Get a Haynes manual for your bike. They spell out maintenance tasks.

    Sometime netriders to spanner days.

  7. +1

    i got the 1st service after i bought the bike done professionally..just to make sure it was all ok.

    Now i do all the fluids and nead to learn how to do the tappets and cam chain adjustments etc.

    and i need ner head stem bearings.... might call on some help when i get to that point though
  8. How hard is it to do all the servicing yourself. I have a Hyosung GT650 so I need to get the special spanners for the nuts and bolt made of Korean cheese.
    I've always serviced my cars myself once the warranty expires are bikes that much different.
    Also the service manual for my bike says to check the valve clearances every 4000km does that seem mighty often to you.
  9. some things are harder then others. If a bike has shim valves its a bit of a hassle to do yourself. Some forks require special tools to do some things.

    some bearings may need heating and or slide hammers.

    Carbies need sychronizing, though one you have the gauges it's easy.

    Many bikes use "torquez" head screws on some things, but these keys are not hard to find these days and once you have a set you are right.

    With ducati's you probably don't want to do the valve yourself, because if you get it a little wrong it's a significant cost.

    Other then that a good metric socket set and ring/open spanner set should do most things.