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Service Centres doing older then 20yrs

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Daytona, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. Hey all,

    Sorry if this has been covered previously as new here so still working things out and reading older posts. I live in the western suburbs of Melbourne (werribee sort of area) and I own a '89 Honda CBR250R and want to get it serviced however since the one I went to previously closed I can't find any others. By closed I mean 1 guy is in jail and the other is on the run or something so I was told by other mechanics. I am struggling finding somewhere willing to service without costing me an arm and a leg and possibly 1 lung as well. Nowhere is willing to touch them as they are too old and they are saying 'parts are hard to find" which sounds rubbish as these bikes are everywhere. If anyone can recommend somewhere that would be great as I have been to 6 places. My last resort is Sixty Degrees but it's going to take time to get there from where I live. Thanks for any suggestions.
    Oh just quickly on same topic anyone know where I could get a slip-on for the bike as well? Used to be heaps on eBay until the new models were released for around $200 now they have all disappeared.

  2. My front veranda does basic servicing in return for liquid currency.. rider supplies parts..
  3. 89 CBR = perfect oportunity for you to learn how to service a bike, its seriously not that hard, and is very rewarding when you ride it after, running nicely with ur wallet intact
  4. I agree with Sammy; buy some tools, download a service manual (or, SHOCK) buy one, and get your hands dirty!
  5. Peter Stevens in Geelong does them but the one in Melbourne doesn't.
  6. oil,filter n sprak plugs, air filter you should be able to do yourself, take up SammyA's offer. otherwise Bike's Plus on keilor rd nth essendon but will cost you
  7. Awesome guys thanks for the response. Hmm I may give servicing a go guess nows the time to find a manual.
    Just a quick recap anyone know where one could buy a new slip-on for this bike? Thanks again guys
  8. Maybe E2W?
  9. I don't know about your CBR, but Mototecnic is happy to service my 30 year old GS1100G.
  10. Depends if it's grey imported or not. I've found with my bike (grey import) that most shops are willing to do tyres, basic servicing (sparks oil / filters that crap) but as soon as it goes past that they show me to the door, understandably, too. My advice is that if you aren't willing to do it yourself, be prepared to fork out the big money for the proper work, and if you need parts be prepared for a long wait. Lucky for you, your bike was officially imported at some stage so that shouldn't be such a problem for you.

    Having said that, my old Across (officially imported) was shown the door on one occasion!