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Service @ Bike Biz Parramatta

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Ice o 75, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. Gday all, just wandering who has dealt with bike biz @ parramatta. My bike is due for its 1k service. So if anyone has experience in dealing with them as far as servicing goes let me know how they were?

  2. What bike is it? I've had 4 services booked there, and one emergency pickup to replace chain/sprockets. I've yet to have a problem with any of their work, anything outside of what I've asked for they've called me to get it approved.

    You definitely pay for it, though.
  3. A workmate wouldn't take his Yamaha anywhere else - he really likes them.
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  4. +1 even to the pay for it sentiment
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  5. Thanx Azamakumar, Its a Kawi ER6nl. I agree with the expense part but its my new baby so as long as they do all they say they will I suppose its a fair compromise.:-({|= And being that it is its first service I want to make sure all is good with the bike, everything adjusted, tuned tightened etc etc correctly.
  6. Bikebiz in Parramatta, highly recommended... Now, the folks at Granville... I would look somewhere else
  7. ](*,)Really!?Why?! Thats where I ended up dropping it off today due to limited time and the fact I could get a lift home from a friend going by. Apparently cant really tune the bike without a power commander and lets face it, its just changing filters, oil,adjusting cables etc etc isnt it?? isnt it?? cant be that bad?? :busting: I may be too trusting when it comes to things like this. Where else would you of gone?
  8. In the past, all my bikes bought and serviced by the folks at Parramatta had no issues whatsoever. But then I had the misfortune of buying a new bike form the Granville store.

    Long story short, the pre delivery of the bike left a lot to be desired (lose steering head, lose left front caliper) and any dealings with the owner.... well good luck with that. I almost ended going to a Tribunal

    I'm sure if its just regular service you should be fine. My only advice, be sure to check thoroughly the bike before leaving the store, and if something looks funny, report it immediately to the workshop.
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  9. The guy I bought my bike from had it serviced exlusively by them.. By bike doesn't miss a beat and he was happy with them. They are pricier then other places though so it seems like a 'you get what you pay for' kinda thing..