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Service around Parramatta / Blacktown

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by lucas001, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. Hi, I'm currently living in Pendle Hill and I'm looking for some honest and reliable mechanic in the area, who you guys recommend? I have a CBR 600RR 03 and as I just got her few weeks ago I want to do a service and check if everything is ok, including oil change and tyre chance (I already got a new Dunlop Sportmax Qualifier). Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

  2. and I almost forgot.. how much i would expect to pay for that? Cheers!
  3. I get mine done at action suzuki, they always do a great job, and they clean the bike while at it. I think a minor service is about $200, i paid about $120 for my firsy service there, my last one was $750, it was a major service, also i needed tyres and brakes, so not too bad.
  4. sweet.. thanks for that, does anyone has another suggestion? Cheers!
  5. My bikes have been to MMT on East St at Granville [ph: 9637 0277] and Mick Dyer motorcycles out on Corren Ave at Penrith [ph: 4721 1729].

    They're both pretty good, but I think when my 6R is due for service I'll take it out to Mick Dyers.
  6. Early this week they ripped me off and the bike wasn't cleaned at all. It seems they have good days and bad days.