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Server/Website Outages

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, Feb 9, 2005.

  1. From the Netrider frontpage....


    The server hosting the Netrider websiste is currently experiencing ongoing but intermittent technical problems. The hosting company is aware of the issue and is working on implementing a permanent fix very shortly. Until this fix is implemented, the Netrider website may intermittently be unavailable for a period of time until the hosting company restarts the webserver.

    Please accept our apologies if when clicking on this link you get an "Internal Server Error" message. We hope the hosting provider will have this issue rectified within the next couple of days and Netrider will once again be fully available. If you wish to contact us in the meantime, please send an email to netrider@netrider.net.au

    Thank-you for your patience during this time. Our frustration is as equally as high.
  2. Thanks for everyone's advisory of outages, problems, and suggesstions.

    We have now made positive steps to finally throw-off the issues our hosting provider is inflicting upon us, but it will take a few days to come to fruition. Please continue to bare with us and the website's intermittent outages during this time.
  3. i think bobby has a few things to say about this, i take it you've seen aus mc?
  4. I haven't, but no surprise. He's been in my kill file for ages. Might go check it out when I have some spare time in the next couple of days :)