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Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by Cat with fleas, Apr 23, 2008.

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  2. what a classic!
  3. The funny part is what you were looking for to have found that :p :LOL:.
  4. im going to search for pic's
  5. :LOL: :LOL:
    Now that's funnier than the OP !
  6. I wasn't really laughing until I read the comment about the ping pong paddles
  7. This can't be the first time something like this has happened. Getting it out without a visit to the doc may be a first, however!

  8. Do ya think there might be job opening somewhere?
    Hey .. it's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it :LOL:
  9. I love that comment too.

    From spanky48:
    "have some one pound your behind with a "ping-pong" paddle

    Have you not seen the movie 'Priscilla'?
  10. Ball will never come out... Too much suction from vacuum in her skull!

  11. and the reply " get your boyfriend to smack you in the behind with the ping pong paddle really hard!"

    + Vacum

    LOL .. oh god .. this is hilarious .. imagine your at a party and your friend decides to do that and cannot get it out and the whole party has to stop and she's sittin in the livin leg spread and 2 people using chop sticks to pull it out or using the vacum cleaner to suck the ball.

    this is with everyone at the party crowding in the livin room watching the procedure.. actually i dont want to imagine this LOL

    Sorry =P
  12. No, I haven't actually. But I have a renewed interest to rectify that now.
  13. lol, boy are you in for a treat! (Look for the Taiwanese wife of Bill Hunters character)
  14. I like all the people who are saying "you really shouldn't put foreign objects in there" thats what its for people!
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  17. If someone on Netrider asked how to get a ping-pong ball out of their vagina...

    - Joel would tell them that he is the ping-pong ball, and that it's "dark in here".

    - Typhoon would deliver a solution that requires equipment they obviously don't have: "Weld a bolt to the ping-pong ball..."

    - Micky would coax the poster into a discussion over MSN and convince her to turn the webcam on.

    - Ktulu would post a picture of the Eye Of Sauron and a Ping Pong ball with no actual advice:

    - ProPilot would calculate how many years of global cooling it would take for the temperature and air-pressure drop to cause the ping-pong ball to shrink on it's own.

    - Loz would politely point out that vaginas are warmer than outside air-temperature...

    - Russ would impolitely infer than ProPilot wouldn't know that anyway^.

    - Taeihung would tell her to "call this guy!":

    - hornet600 would ask if the ping-pong ball is married.

    - Vic would move the question to Off Topic with a note to PM him if, indeed, the ping-pong ball lodgement occurred while riding a motorcycle - so the topic could be moved back to General Discussion.

    - Doonx would be disappointed it wasn't posted in Multimedia.

    - MG would tell the asker to leave out any personal details because he went to prison for the exact same thing years ago.

    - robsalvv would request the topic be stickied to help other new motorcyclists who might experience similar problems.

    - Bravus would try to sell her his old Suzuki.

    - Loz would post again to tell her he thinks he's figured it out, but needs a pic emailed to be sure.

    - loki would tell her if any bike could help it's the amazing Apirilia RS125!

    - I Adore Vic would tell her to have a Bundy, relax, and give it another go.

    - Loz would post AGAIN to tell us he's just written a gizmag blog on a new tool that could solve this exact problem!

    - MVrog would suggest jamming another ping-pong ball up there to "see if it helps".

    - jd would PM specific instructions.