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seriously need your help guys

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by 4evafit, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. theres a hyosung gt650r for sale and im looking to buy it. the guy has accepted $5200 for it. he said its been dropped in the driveway but been repaired. he said it has a new gearbox in it, which made me think. should i buy it. i test drove one today and i liked it.

    heres a link

  2. It's a gamble. Hyosung have a bad reputation when it comes to mechanical failures. Stories abound on this website and also on korider.com.

    Honestly? If I had $5500 to spend I'd get something else. I like my 08 Hyosung (purchased new) but I'd not buy another. Right now mine has been out of action for a week due to issues with the rear master cylinder. This is not the first time I have been bikeless in the twelve months I've owned it.

    When they work they're good fun. When they don't they're maddening.

    I'd not buy one off Ebay unless I could inspect it first. Then again I wouldn't buy any bike from Ebay :p

    Don't forget to check if it has money owing/listed as stolen etc using VIN and rego number before you hand over any cash.
  3. yeah i know alot of shit has been said about it. but i want to move up from a 250 to something bigger. if i cant get this what else could i get with the cash?
  4. id say dont buy it, its a 05/06 model, massive problems hence its already got a new gearbox, if u like them that much, get 1 above 08 year and u should be safe

    look for a late model SUZUKI GS500F
  5. Still it's not really worth upgrading from a 250 to something like a GS unless you're a heavy mofo.

    Wait until you're off your restrictions and then get something like an SV650.
  6. still on restrictions?
    im guessing so. a hyo 650 doesnt have that much more poke than the 250s.
    try investing your money in a bike that will hold its value wel until you come off restrictions, can sell and upgrade properly.

    for that money, you should be able to get a great condition VTR250, id say 2004 or newer and under 30,000km eeeasy. and it WILL hold its value, and wont have the multitude of issues like the hyo.

    buy some sticky tyres for it, and i doubt you will find the limits of the bike for a while :wink:
  7. i'd also advise against the hyo and save for something nicer once you are off.

    i think nibs has a good idea of the vtr's... he's found limits multiple times :LOL:
  8. :WStupid:
    if you want to spend some money, do some training courses and learn how to ride the tits off the 250.
  9. the think guys is i dont wont a 250 anymore. its way to slow for me. the only 2 options i have is a hyosung gt650r or a gs500f. i really dont like the style of the suzuki ans i hate naked bikes. do u think i should save alittle more and get a 08-09 hyosung?
  10. is the suzuki sv650s lams?
  11. with the gs500f its restiricted right? is so can u un restrict it to make it quicker?
  12. yes you can

    after you have your full license

    that's the whole idea of the LAMS scheme
  13. I'd risk riding a bike your not licensed for, before risking the Hyo. You can call me stupid, but not crazy.
  14. dont think about buying a bike you can de-restrict for some sneaky LAMS power
    if you have a crash, your insurance company will check the jetting to see if its been tampered with

    just do the time - its there for a reason
  15. The gs500f is restricted only in that it's a slowarse bike. There is no LAMS mod for it, it's just how it is.

    SV650SU is way out of your price range I'd say, given that they're what $10k or so new and probably very few on the used market. They only came out last year or this one so they'll still be high value even used.

    If you must have a LAMS bike and you want something better than a 250, sure go for the Hyo. I wouldn't get one earlier than 08 though. It will feel quicker than a ZZR-250 or similar in stock LAMS config. It will cost you $140 for the normal, nonrestricted carby slides from a Suzuki dealer (Google is your friend). Once fitted the bike is no longer LAMS and if you do it legally the RTA will be notified and you can never re-restrict and sell as a LAMS bike. If you do it on the sly it may well be an insurance risk. If you have an accident and your insurance assesor finds out it may void your claim.
  16. so what they are saying is, if its a one vehicle accident, it gets either torched or stolen or stolen and torched
  17. sry 4 long post

    I brought the 09 GT650S. After a lot of research on what bike to get I decided to go with the Hyo as I wanted a new bike and to be able to pay cash for it. I liked the look and it felt comfortable. Although from what I could tell most people either stand on the fence or hate the Hyo. I will be honest and say that I did have a very minor problem with an oil leak (o’ring not seated correctly) however that was fixed by the dealer ASAP.

    To get it de-restricted I have had to fill out a form to send to Hyosung and they will send out the de-restricted slides for the bike as they keep record of the bikes that have been de-restricted as well. The dealer will also fill out paper work for the RTA and YES, most defiantly if you try to be sneaky about the restrictor and you come off your insurance will not cover you as it is for a bike with less power. Bit like telling them I drive a stock commodore when really it is an SS (just an example people).

    When I did my research, I did read some reports that didn't make the older Hyo's a good choice, so if I was you I wouldn't buy it, save some more and get the 09 model, as reports for this year’s model were far better than earlier models.

    Also for those that say the SV650 is better in performance, could you please point me in the direction you got this info, as I finished reading an article about an hour ago that actually states the GT out performs the SV (this isn't a stab, would like to have a read of it).
  18. I agree that you'd be a lot better off just being patient. I know it seems like a long time at your age, but it's really not. Save the money you have for this upgrade, save more in the mean time, and buy something really nice with some real power when you're off your restrictions.

    Seriously, the restricted Hyo will have only a very little bit more power-to-weight than the 250, while having a vastly increased chance of spending weeks or months bikefree while it's repaired, and thousands (given that it's out of warranty) that you could have spent on a real upgrade.