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Seriously bad christmas spam attempt

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robsalvv, Dec 24, 2008.

  1. Perhaps this should be in general, because it does mention motorcycles... lol

    Who the hell would respond to pathetic spam attempt like that??
  2. sadly, they'll catch enough people to make the scam worthwhile :(.
  3. I get a few of these from work.

    Some of our clients aren't too bright and will answer the random "please verify your hotmail/yahoo mail account by clicking this link"

    That gives the scammers the chance to email a "personal" message to all those on the address book. We had one guy blind-carbon copy everyone into an email. Apparently he didn't tell us that he was in London attending a seminar, lost his passport and wallet and needed $1800 to get home to Australia. Please send via Western Union.... etc.

    An email came through the next day from the actual owner of the account. He apologised for the email and hoped that no-one was caught out, but I wonder if it had caught anyone...
  4. This was a mjor item on the tech section of news.com.au in early November when it happened; I certainly have noticed a dramatic lowering of junk in the last month or so ......