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Seriously - Are young women blind to bikes?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by oze, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. I have had my bike for about a month now. EVERY near miss - starting with 2 in the first 2 days - has been by a young woman driver.

    So - and I am being serious here not sexist - are young women somehow "blind" to bikes?

    I mean to put it in perspective. I remember when my 3 kids were little - boy age 5, girl 3 and boy 1 - a motorbike went past as we were standing in the street. The 2 boys craned their necks to see what was making the noise while my daughter just kept playing with me. I remember thinking boys and girls are programmed differently then.

    SO day 1 - a young woman follows a guy into a rest area off the highway as I am exiting. I see her not looking and move off the side as she comes in and she suddenly looks horrified as she sees me at the last minute.
    DAY 2 - I stopped in a town for lunch off highway and slowly about 40kph going back to highway when young woman drives through in intersection without looking - I see her and slow so she finally sees me and brakes and stops in front of me. I swerve and miss.
    NOW I can give you chapter and verse of several more - woman looking straight at me and driving into roundabout I am on already. Woman who looked straight at me as she runs red light just as I am about to turn right etc etc

    So today after a young woman realizes she is about to change lanes into me and waves to say sorry (which I acknowledged) I am left to wonder if they are seriously programmed not to see a bike. Or see them at the last minute.

    Ladies - you can say what you like about guys but remember it is not the question I am asking.

  2. I've been riding for many years and I've had maybe 2 near misses every 3 years or so.
    Says more about your placement than the other driver, Maybe YOU should have better situational awareness since you find young inattentive fmales a danger what can YOU do to avoid them?
  3. I put it down to phone addiction - women are more susceptible to it than men :p

    (and the myth of female multi-tasking :bolt: )
  4. And you appear to be riding a BMW 1150 non LAMS

    So what exactly is your rider status.

    Agree 100% with the comments about rider placement. And yes I also get a wake up call about every 3 years & yes it's usually because I've taken my eye off the ball! So then I get serious again about seeking out the RSM's (Rider Seeking Missiles!)

    How colourful Hi Vis are you & your bike, are you running suicide pipes?

    And yes young females in their Barbie cars are dippy & dangerous. I had one undertake (note the terminology!) whilst driving my car in a service road when I slowed to the speed limit having seen Mr Plod about 500m up the road booking another driver. As he pulled her over & I drove past I heard him ask the obvious question why did you undertake on the left. To which I rolled down my window & said "That's why I was sitting on the speed limit love!"
  5. they are noobs
  6. Practice opening ya eyes before the mouth.

    Posted: Tue Mar 17, 2009 11:24pm
    I am on lower north shore Sydney. Rusty as hell having just got a nice
    road bike after many years out of the saddle.

    Posted: Mon Mar 23, 2009 8:36pm
    I went up the highway because I had not ridden a tourer for longer than
    most people have been alive. I was just being extra cautious and did not
    want to make a mistake on a new bike.
  7. I agree with what you're saying about situational awareness Smee, but at the same time I think the OP has a point. He says in his opening post that he was paying attention to what the female drivers were doing and as such took the appropriate evasive action. I think his situational awareness is fine.

    I regularly have people merge in on me, cut me off etc etc but I don't have accidents because my situational awareness is very good and I just move to another spot on the road/take evasive action. It doesn't change the fact that the other drivers are blind to what is going on around them.

    Female drivers seem to be the main culprits too, but lets not get into stereotypes too much as it just leads to arguments. Thinking that EVERY driver is a moron is probably the best way to stay alive. It works for me :)
  8. Women (beware this is going to be the mother of all generalisations) are simply more mentally preoccupied with driving the car, having less mechanical aptitude than men, leaving them less attention to deal with situational awareness. They are also less apt at identifying and processing information on moving objects, their speeds and their trajectories.

    How did I reach this ridiculous conclusion?

    (1) A million years of human evolution has had the male hunting stuff and the female tending to the home and children. You can't go and plonk the human race into the technological era and expect them to instantaneously evolve. There's no shame in it, women are better than men at stacks of things. Like learning, caring and emoting.

    (2) Look at the sex of the formula one drivers and moto gp riders. We have plenty of female heads of states, CEOs, doctors, engineers, lawyers, but only about five female formula one drivers and none in the last fifteen years.

    Of course, there will always be exceptions to the rule. Sabine Schmidt could probably beat 99% of the men reading this forum on anything with four wheels. And look positively devilishly sexy whilst doing it. Which come to think of it is more important than whatever I was talking about ...

    Dougz is right. Everyone is trying to kill you. Ride accordingly.
  9. speed_demon i dont think you can put "women dont race cars and bikes at top level" as a justification... there are a lot more reasons than just aptitude affecting the situation. it takes 15-20 years of racing to get into moto gp or f1 level, 20-25 years ago things were very different in terms of what women were expected to do.
    Im 21 and I know that when i said i wanted to race/ride dirt bikes at the ripe age of 5 everyone at school & my parents said no way, thats not something girls can do.

    if you look at dirt racing, there are quite a few girls racing these days (think the under 15s), but peer pressure has a lot to do with the decision to continue racing (or not). you also need a very supportive family. perhaps in the next 10-15 years we might see more women in the sport.

    I think ive had equal near misses from women and men, but probably more men in taxis (another profession that women usually dont get into...)
  10. Women go from being overly cautious to overly confident in their early - mid 20s, before settling down in their late 20s.

    I believe it's to do with the differences in the way men and women learn.
  11. I have also found women to be more agressive whilst driving... The only 2 times I have had people try to block me filtering was women... one young peroxide blonde in her red convertible and an older lady in a big 4wd

    The 3rd time i had a close call was with a female who changed lanes on me... saw her coming into my lane, hit the brakes and horn simultaneously, she looked at me, then continued on her merry way into my lane.... Gave me a little "sorry I almost killed you" wave when she was done. I unfortunately didn't have the chance to pull up next to her to give her a piece of my mind cause she turned off about 300m down the road and i kept going straight. It defied belief though.

    I've had males try to change lanes on me before doing a head check but they have never changed into my lane after seeing me.

    I think it has a little to do with the general roadrage reasoning of feeling much safer and much more powerful in a car... And feeling vulnerable and weak when not in one, perhaps women exagerate their behaviour when given this feeling of power... king of like people given a lot of power previously having had none can tend to abuse that power... at least until they learn to moderate themselves.

    Taxi drivers are just rude fcuks that don't give a shit so you have to be really careful around them. especially the hirecar drivers that you can't spot straight away cause it's just a dark sedan until you look at the HC plates. They're still just expensive TAXIs and just as dangerous.
  12. young women drivers are f_cken useless. thats all i have to say. 99.9% of my near misses are with these little sh_ts. most drive crapped out fully sick mirages.
  13. +1 to mirage's, but the RAV4 Playboy bunnies scare the horny right out of me. It's kinda hard to be attracted to something that keeps trying to kill you.
  14. If it helps cheer anyone up, just last weekend Remorseless Sociopathic 40-50 Year Old Pajero Woman merged into my lane and began to accelerate away from me... just 100m before a front-facing speed camera installation.

    Flash. Flash.
  15. Yeah, you're right. In my case it was 'Dad I wanna ride a dirtbike' and the answer was 'Perhaps when you are older, son' and this went on till I stopped asking. If I was a girl it probably would have been a flat out 'No, honey'. So scrap my argument no. (2).

    iBast also has a very good point. When I was learning to drive I went from overly cautious to cautious. My sister has gone from overly cautious to overly confident. Problem is she has seen my mother and I rip up corners in our Honda Civic year after year, and thinks she can do the same, without understanding the years of practice and the precision involved in doing this.

    Reminds me of why a friend of mine has called an automatic licence a 'blonde licence'. Automatics inspire overconfidence. Oh look, I can just push this pedal down and all of a sudden I am doing the speed limit. I can drive!
  16. In order of lethality:

    Young women drivers / Taxi drivers / Jack the Ripper

    Be scared, be very scared.

    (Joking......but not)
  17. I myself often have to go out into the carport and grope and flail around for ages with my arms outstretched, before I finally stumble across my bike. Bloody thing is really tricky to spot.
  18. Black ones are hard to spot, Donski1
  19. note to self ... NEVER biatch moan or complain on this site again ... NEVER

    well at least I got it out of my system
  20. This is why I'm about to install a Stebel Nautilus compact two tone air horn on my Ducati. (My pipes aren't loud enough.) 139 dB of goodness.

    They may still continue to merge into my lane, even after seeing me, but at least their ears will hurt, and everyone within a kilometre will be watching them do it. :LOL: