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Seriously? Another Daytona 675R + general retardedness

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by wojaarghh, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. I swear that I've been looking at this bike for a while and not just jumped on the bandwagon lol.
    I've got a thing for white bikes and I was tossing up between the standard 675 vs 675R.
    After seeing and hearing one in the flesh (Chrome's) it made my decision super easy.

    I got to pick it up Saturday morning and go for a bit of a blat around but had to head back to Sydney for the evening for a mate's engagement party. I had made sure I'd get back down south to go for a bit of a ride today with my mate who I sold my SV650s to.

    We ended up heading up from Wollongong to Stanwell Park over the Seacliff Bridge and then decided to head down to Berry for a doughnut and a coffee and then back to Shellharbour for lunch

    Once night fell I decided to take a few piccies while the bike was relatively clean still, so smart as I am I thought it'd look better with the hi beams on.

    After taking the photos I realised the battery didn't have enough juice to start the motor. I tried bump starting it a few times but didn't manage to pick up enough speed.

    I ended up calling another mate with a set of jumper leads who saved the day. Didn't I feel like a complete nong.

    I took as as an excuse to go for another bit of a blat around to charge up the battery again.

    Anyway it's a Triumph Daytona 675R
    Arrow exhaust (de baffled). This sounds awesome... even thought I haven't cranked it above 8000rpm
    Gel seat (not so much numb bum)
    and a CF tank protector

    I've got a set of GB racing crash kit in the mail along with some C3 tech spec tank grips.

    First impressions:
    World apart from the SV in terms of smoothness and torque of the motor, sharpness of the steering and suspension in general. I'll probably soften it up a bit after everything beds in a little.
    There's definitely less wind protection than the SV, the seat is a bit taller so I can't flat foot it but just need to get used to it I suppose.
    The seat definitely gets warm from the exhaust which is great in winter! My only niggle is the side stand doesn't feel as solid as the SV and I guess that's amplified by the bike being taller so it feels like I'm going to drop it every time I stick it on the stand lol.

    Anyway here the pictures which I ran down the battery for

    Daytona 675R by wojaarghh, on Flickr
    Daytona 675R by wojaarghh, on Flickr
    Daytona 675R by wojaarghh, on Flickr
    Arrow Exhaust by wojaarghh, on Flickr
    Dash by wojaarghh, on Flickr
    Daytona 675R by wojaarghh, on Flickr
    Daytona 675R by wojaarghh, on Flickr
    Daytona 675R by wojaarghh, on Flickr
    Daytona 675R by wojaarghh, on Flickr
    Daytona 675R by wojaarghh, on Flickr
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  2. Great bike. Great pics :)
  3. Is Daytona. Is white. Is good. (y)
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  4. That looks fvcking brilliant. Jealous!
  5. wow- take note kids... this is how you take photos of your bike !!! without draining the battery out that is ;) how long did you leave the lights on for ? you could try leaving the bike idle next time?

    love pic 8. well shot.

    awesome bike woj, have fun :)
  6. Ya shoulda got the ute in pic one to move :) spoils the whole effect.

    Very impressive pics....

  7. About 20 minutes or so. I think it was the hi beam that killed it.
  8. Nice pics!

    What would life be like if bikes were ugly like most cars?
  9. Wow...this is my dream bike.
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  10. Those are some amazing photos. Can you take some of mine? Great bike as well But hey I am a 675R owner as well.

    I also put a double bubble as my screen. Makes a huge difference to wind.
  11. Gorgeous bike mate, jealousy!

    Also aussieak, your signature is a bit out of control lol
  12. Very nice photos and bike. Congratulations.
  13. Looked at the pics on a normal screen now (Had viewed them via iPhone Tapatalk before so...) and WOW. Those are some magnificent pictures.

    I'm so jealous of you White Daytona R owners now!!!! :D
  14. Wojaarghh,

    Love the bike, awesome shots. You can always get a jump start, but shots have to be taken when opportunity knocks.

    Had a look through your flicker photos too. Nice car.

    Enjoy the ride.

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  15. Awesome bike & pictures mate, and another white bike!!

    enjoy it.
  16. Wow, great pics! What camera did you use? Not so sure about the lens flares but great otherwise!
  17. Nikon D7000 with a Sigma 30mm 1.4
    I also had a flash off camera as well.
    Lens flare I couldn't really control. I managed to scratch the front element of the sigma when I went on holiday a few years back but I don't mind it enough to get another one.
  18. Very nice... Awesome bike, and great pics!

    You should check out the monthly photo competition this month..
  19. very nice bike and pics, congrats big time :)
  20. Beautiful bike, and equally beautiful photos!
    Loving the white bike trend lately.....think yama was on to something rejuvenating white back with the 07 R1