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VIC Serious road injuries on the increase

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by GnomeOomps, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. Re: SMH Article - Harold Scruby at it again...

    Bit of a non sequitur Scruby, you stupid assclown. Without even considering if the increase in accidents is proportionate to the increase in 2 wheel use, or even whether riders are even at fault in the incidents, you immediately assume speeding is the issue , pushing your own misled agenda.

    How do ****tards like this get in charge I'll never know. Why the pedestrian council should be even referenced in a cycling/riding article is beyond me.
  2. Re: SMH Article - Harold Scruby at it again...

    Come on you walking registration fee goes to a good cause.
  3. Re: SMH Article - Harold Scruby at it again...

    The Pedestrian Council is Harold Scruby - and thats it - no one else
  4. Re: SMH Article - Harold Scruby at it again...

    He's not in charge of anything, he's one man with a fax machine, an email account & nothing worthwhile to do with his time until he dies.

    He who shouts loudest gets heard, no matter what they're saying.

    Edit: it also says "he thinks", not he has evidence to prove...
  5. Re: SMH Article - Harold Scruby at it again...

    Someone please whack that useless oxygen thief.
  6. Re: SMH Article - Harold Scruby at it again...

    Harold Scruby and the people who produced those figures are half-witted innumerate morons.

    Over the period that they say there havs been a 50% increase in injuries there has been almost a 90% increase in motorcycle registrations. 350,00 to 660,000.

    This says to me that injuries are not keeping pace with the number on the road and in fact, riding may be getting safer.
  7. Re: SMH Article - Harold Scruby at it again...

    Taken from the second paragraph
    Dead set? Really? Absolutely astonishing!

    FFS, who let the work experience kids near a computer?

    I'm not sure I wish to read the rest for fear of choking on lunch...
  8. Re: SMH Article - Harold Scruby at it again...

    His momma should of spat him back that's for sure, but remember it's probably the journo that contacted him.
  9. Re: SMH Article - Harold Scruby at it again...

    ...cause he's always good for a controversial quote.
  10. Re: SMH Article - Harold Scruby at it again...

    I thought the publication was all about cyclists... this article makes it all about motorcyclists. I have to get me a copy of this paper... some of those stats look dodgy!

    The other interesting thing in the article is that the ACT is going to have compulsory training as part of the testing for your P license. Holy hell, I had no idea that they weren't up to speed as yet. How interesting.
  11. http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/serious-road-injuries-on-the-increase-study-20110331-1cngp.html

    Hardly a surprise... Better car safety systems are likely to be cause of reduced deaths, but people still being injured. Improved control systems and airbag systems are likely to have lessened the injuries sustained, but the people are still injured rather than hardening road rules.

    Good sign that the road rules have barely contributed. Yet at the end of the article this is still being used to try and sell more antihoon legislation.
  12. FFS, Hoons are not a strong feature of the road toll. :tantrum:
  13. Patrons:

    Dame Leonie Kramer AC DBE
    * Chairman of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation 1982-1983
    * Professor of Australian literature at Sydney University

    The Hon Sir Laurence Street AC KCMG
    * Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of New South Wales


    Harold Scruby (Chairman/CEO)
    * Member of the National Road Safety Strategy Panel (Australian Transport Safety Bureau)
    * Member of the Road Trauma Committee (Royal Australasian College of Surgeons)
    * Member of the Australian College of Road Safety (Formerly on National Executive Committee)
    * Formerly Deputy Mayor of Mosman,
    * Chairman of the Traffic Committee & for 5 years, National spokesperson

    Assoc Professor (Dr) Rob Atkinson
    * Representing the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
    * Road Trauma Committee - Spokesperson South Australia

    Sharryn Brownlee
    * Representing Youth Connections
    * Former treasurer of the NSW Federation of Parents and Citizens Associations

    Eva Martinez (Secretary)
    * RepresentingAustralian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management

    Professor (Dr) Danny Cass
    * Representing Kidsafe
    * William Dunlop Professor of Paediatric Surgery

    * Representing Council on the Ageing (awaiting replacement)

    David Hope
    * Vice President of The Federation of Parents and Citizens Association

    Ray Shuey
    * Former Assistant Commissioner - Victoria Police (Traffic) - Spokesperson Victoria

    Michael Simpson
    * Vision Australia's General Manager of Policy and Advocacy (formerly Royal Blind Society)

    Ross Turner
    * Representing ParaQuad, ACROD and the People with Disabilities Sector

    Associate Professor (Dr) Daryl Wall
    * Chairman Royal Australasian College of Surgeons Trauma Committee
    * Princess Alexandra Hospital, Director of General Surgery,
    * Medical Director of Transplant Australia

    Honorary Solicitors:

    Robert C Minter
    Level 12 - 44 Market Street
    SYDNEY NSW 2000

    Honorary Auditors:

    Ken Crossman & Associates (Chartered Accountants)
    Suite 407 - 220 Pacific Highway

    He has achieved more in his 64 years than you would in 10 lifetimes.

    Mr Harold Scruby


    Harold Scruby is the Chairman and CEO of the Pedestrian Council of Australia.

    Born in Singapore in 1947, he was educated at Shore School and the University of NSW. He is married with two sons and lives
    in Mosman, Sydney.

    He spent three years at Nestlé where he was trained in marketing, attaining the position of Product Manager. In 1970 he joined
    Levi Strauss (Australia) as the Manager of the Fashion Division. In 1974 he was appointed Consultant Marketing Manager for
    HD Lee (Australia). In 1978 he started Scruby Harold Consultancies.

    Since 1978, he has consulted to or managed over 60 TCF companies and has been retained by the Federal Government, most
    state governments, Arthur Andersen, Ferrier Hodgson, Coopers & Lybrand, KPMG Peat Marwick, Price Waterhouse, Ernst &
    Young and many other organisations. During 1981 and 1982, he was appointed to the executive of the FIA (Fashion Industries
    of Australia). He has written articles on the TCF industries for The Bulletin, Sydney Morning Herald, Business Review Weekly,
    Australian Business and Ragtrader Magazine.

    He has lectured extensively across Australia, in every state, the NT and the ACT, to students of and participants in the TCF
    industries in Australia and was recently chosen by the Education Training Foundation (NSW) to write a Management Manual
    for the Australian clothing industry with the University of New England.

    He also wrote two best-selling books on the English language: Manglish and Waynespeak. He was elected as an councillor
    to Mosman Council in 1983 and again in 1987, where he spent 8 years, retiring in 1991. He was Deputy Mayor in 1990-1991,
    Chairman of the Traffic Committee for five years and Chairman of the Finance and General Purposes Committee for six years.

    Following a successful campaign in advocating and implementing the first 40 kmh School Zone on a main road in Australia,
    (Middle Harbour School, Cremorne) in June 1995, he approached senior management at the NRMA, RTA and the NSW Police,
    with the view to establishing an organisation to advocate the safety, amenity, access and health benefits for pedestrians
    throughout Australia. These organisations generally agreed on the need for such an organisation. They in turn funded a com-
    prehensive independent review by specialist consultants Keys Young who found there was an overwhelming need for such an

    The NRMA and the RTA jointly funded the incorporation of the Pedestrian Council of Australia "The Walking Class Heroes"
    and assisted with writing its objectives and structure. He then invited Sir Laurence Street and Dame Leonie Kramer to become
    Patrons of the PCA. The Board was then appointed, primarily comprising vulnerable road users including representatives from:
    the Council on the Ageing, Federation of Parents & Citizens Associations, the Royal Blind Society, ParaQuad and ACROD, the
    Australian Institute of Urban Studies and the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.

    The PCA was incorporated on 1 August 1996. Harold Scruby was elected Chairman and CEO and has since been actively
    involved in pursuing the PCA's objectives which are; “the continuing improvement of the Safety, Amenity, Access and Health of
    all Australians”.

    He is a Member the Road Trauma Committee (Royal Australasian College of Surgeons). For 3 years he was also a member of
    the now disbanded Road Safety Strategy Panel (Australian Transport Safety Bureau),

    For over a decade, the PCA has been responsible for creating and managing two annual events to promote walking: National
    Walk to Work Day
    and National Walk Safely to School Day. It also held the third Seven Bridges Walk in Sydney in October 2009
    which attracted over 20,000 registrations. This event has raised over $100,000 for the Heart Foundation, Cancer Council
    Diabetes Australia and Beyond Blue.

    Harold Scruby has been a member of the Palm Beach Surf Life Saving Club since 1965 and the Balmoral Beach Club since
    1984. His main sporting activities include walking, snow skiing, swimming, and surfing.

  14. Yes but he's also a become a bigger ******** than most could achieve in 10 lifetimes.
  15. If I was to achieve what he has and become what he is, I would ask someone to perform euthanasia on me. There is nothing honourable or impeccable about being a stupid old whining git that tries to influence peoples opinions based on lies, deceit and made up facts. Probably why I don't have respect for a lot of politicians and traffic laws.
  16. It's interesting who you can get when they are part of your social circle. Scruby comes from serious inherited money and moves in those circles.

    A non-motorcyclist member of the NRSC mentioned to me that generally he's considered more of a nuisance than anything else - in fact, the view was expressed in far stronger language than anything said here.

    I'm yet to hear anyone (even the most paranoid safety people) express anything but a negative opinion of his group.

    You might like to note that after the disbanding of the Road Safety Panel, the Pedestrian Council is not represented on the NRSC or any other Commonwealth body.

    Given that he's a skiier and the fact that it's 10 times more dangerous than motorcycling, we can but hope!
  17. pmsl...
  18. theres just really nothing Scruby ever says that even dignifies a response.
    it's no secret that he's got a few loose screws upstairs. that's why no-one ever takes him seriously.
    good value for tabloid media though.