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Serious Question for Male Riders

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Jimboss, Jan 5, 2007.

  1. Hi there guys, gals you can read on if you want - I have been on a couple of long rides lately in this heat (Melb) and found that on two occassions my penis has copped a cramp - Not joking - I know this isnt a Dear Dr session and wanted to know if any other male riders have had a similiar experiences?

  2. Do you ride a Ducati? A dry clutch may be the cause, muscles tend to tense up and when you are not lubricated. Drink more water. ;)
  3. Not that I ever suffered from penis envy.

    But now I definitely don't.

    My scooter hasn't been giving my fafanini any problems at all!
  4. haHA! You're not using it enough :grin:
  5. Hmm never had a cramp in it but it can get in an uncomfortable position sometimes.
    I think being shorter makes it a tad worse due to the lack of room between my gear and the tank. Or could be the sheer size of it.
    I know where my money lays though.
    Until someone who has seen me naked comes along and bursts my bubble, Ill go with the size thing.

    So I can only suggest you sit back a little and see if that helps.
    Alternatively try different underwear or no underwear and see if that works.
    Maybe you're sliding forward and they are moving backward and applying pressure.
    Who knows. Last but not least if none of that hepls maybe rub one out before you ride each time.

    If it don't work at least you will have some fun.
  6. There's Something About Den Monkey
  7. This reminds me of the 12th Man's Wired World of Sports 2.

    How are you organising the equipment?
    Is it the cut lunch?
    The meat and potatoes?
    Or the lunch box?
  8. or maybe he's using it too much,, the bike that is
    but cant say if ever had a penis cramp before
  9. Grab some Lycra cotton boxers and dress everything up. That's how I've managed to do a few hours in the saddle at a time. Dressing up as opposed to down or to the side allows you to create a bit more space between the vitals and the tank.
  10. sounds like u need a girl on tap for post ride massages.

    i thought of setting up a biz doing bum-massages for riders at servos once. hadn't thought of rolling them over tho :shock: :?
  11. Very good just the replies I was expecting - I drink heaps of water, positon it at 6'0clock and am married so your right I dont get much action - I will try the no underwear suggestion :? - or pullover and releive myself say every 120km :wink:
  12. LOL@ Carri
    now if you change ya mind and do decide to go the massage thing, make sure you put me down as a partner in crime ok :wink:
  13. I wonder if you can disitnguish whether it is affecting the member or the perineum (pelvic floor). There is potential for congestion and pressure in the latter. This can effect long distance cyclists.
    Perhaps, you could try moving about on the saddle to stimulate blood flow every now and then. A good excuse to hang off the side in the corners!
  14. Hey, you want happy ending?

    Seriously, I always dress up, I like my boys well restrained, I never have a problem with this sort of thing.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. Thanks G - yes it starts at pelvic floor and it continues for about 5 min or untill I get of the bike - it feels like Ive gone a couple of rounds with Jenna Jamieson - on that thought I dont know why I'm complaining - the feeling is quite sentuating -Im going for a ride - It must be the male version of women on washing machines - :eek:
  16. think we need a male only section on the forum :p:p
    to stop the girls making fun of serious mens health issues :p

    (déjà vu)
    didn't we have something similar to that in the past! ;)
  17. Hmmmmm. May be you should have this looked at.
    I'd suggest you develop your level of ride fitness by increasing the frequency and duration of your riding. In addition, perhaps a gel-touring type seat is in order.
  18. ride naked(s) :LOL:
  19. On a serious note - to prevent muscle cramps have a pinch of salt in a meal before you go out. Maybe some stretches would help - and im not talking about pelvic thrusts! :roll: But do these two stretches - if you dont feel the muscle stretching then your doing it wrong - maybe count to 10 on each side then swap.


    Keep up the fluid levels, try and stretch you muscles wherever possible.
    Hope this helps
  20. I often find that when i'm riding with jeans, I don't know which side to place my penis, it's uncomfortable everywhere.
    I usually have a go at re-adjusting at the lights, but as soon as i sit back down, it's being pressed into the tank again.

    Suppose it could be the bike, my little CBR250RR, and i'm only 70kg's, and i suppose i do tend to sit up close to the tank.