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Serious issues with Fuel

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by tunaranch, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. Umm okay. I got the fuel tank repainted a few weeks ago, and since then, I've noticed a significant loss of range. First problem. Reserve's now gone. After I switch to reserve, the bike hardly lasts for 5 minutes before it chokes and dies.

    Now, when I first got the bike back, I hit reserve at around 200k (Used to be able to get around 250ks without hitting reserve). No worries, I figure, and filled up just around the corner, figuring that they've fixed the fuel tap, what with most people here reporting hitting reserve at around 200k or so.

    Now over the last few weeks, I've noticed my range dropping. First, two weekends ago, I hit reserve at around 130ks. Still managed to get a few ks down the road.

    This week has been completely fubar... Sunday, ran dry at 100ks, luckily was on my way to a mates place, and he managed to get me to a servo to pick up some fuel.

    Today was completely wrong. Filled up in the morning, stopped getting fuel at around 50ks on the clock. Had to wheel the bike to a servo up the road, and put in two bucks to top up the tank. I mean what the?

    All this time, I still have fuel left. The bike's just not being able to get to it. The bike is scheduled to go back to the shop tomorrow, but with the rapidly diminishing range, I'm worried about being able to get the 40-50k's to the bike shop full stop. Is there anything I can do to ensure that get to the shop without running dry? I mean, it's bad enough to go to the servo and get a dollar of fuel, but running out of gas on the freeway is going to really really suck.
  2. It doesn't sound like you are running out of gas....
    It sounds to me like you may have gotten a piece of crud in the carbie's or in the fuel lines somewhere and it is blocking the fuel delivery. Have you tried pulling the fuel line out and seeing what the flow is like coming out of it???
  3. The other thing it could be is a piece of tape in the fuel tank from the respray. I can be a bugger of a thing when the Glue goes off in the fuel. The tape wraps itself around your fuel inlet pipes and causes havoc
  4. You're right, night rider, something is preventing the fuel from getting to the bike.

    I don't reallt have the know how/guts to pull the fuel line out, as the tank is currently full. If it does cut out tomorrow on the way to the bike shop, is there anything I can try to get the fuel flowing again?
  5. Not knowing how bikes work, is the fuel fed through a tube that sits in the tank? And flicking to reserve drops that tube a bit lower? If so, is it plausible that the tube is just sitting too high?
  6. Tunaranch,
    Sounds like something happened while the tank was off being painted. Possibly a kinked line when they replaced it or some crap left in the tank. I'd be pulling the tank off and checking the flow. But if you're not feeling confident about that and heading for the shop tomorrow its probably best to leave it to the "experts". There's not a lot you can do if it conks out on the way. Maybe try just waiting for a few minutes and then try to re-start. If the problem is just about restricted fuel flow it may run through into the carb bowls enough to get you going again. I've had a similar problem with a car - interestingly enough, it turned out to be a kinked fuel line after a crash repair.
    Good luck.
  7. It's kind of 2 tubes in one. One being near the bottom o f the tank and the other a bit higher. going to reserve switches from 1 to the other.

    As for the problem I vote a bit of tape or large flake of paint floating around inside the tank.
  8. If the problem has only started after the shop re-sprayed the bike, then it's their problem.
    Tell them you are bringing the bike back, and if it stops on the way, call them and have them pick you up..... For free.
  9. when you opened the tank cap, did it suck in air like it was dying?

    If yes, look for kinked or blocked vent lines. If not, look for blocked lines or filters (you'll have to take the tank apart to check these.)
  10. You haven't mentioned if there was still plenty of fuel left in the tank or not?

    Is one of the lines leaking and your losing fuel that way?.

    There are so many variables on these sort of problems that you need to give all the info you've got to give the experts on here a chance.
  11. Yeah, had heaps of fuel. It turned out to be a clogged feeder hose, which has now been cleared out by the bike shop.

    Oddly enough, I predicted that I would choke at 30ks from a full tank, which it did! And boy did I feel like an idiot this morning getting A litre of fuel (to top the tank off)...

    Sjestory, odd that you mention waiting for a few minutes... it seemed to work. Unfortunately I'm reading your post after the bike's gotten fixed. :/, and by the time I realised that the rescue van was already on it's way.