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Serious Drifting - and other downright dangerous riding

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by J_B, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. #1 J_B, Jul 19, 2006
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    Im not sure this is the type of riding we should be striving for, but its a very interesting watch.....




  2. Yeah baby!


    Naughty but nice.
  3. :shock:
    ive never seen a bike drift like that intentionally before...
  4. Lol, now I feel like leaving work early for a ride !!! :grin: :grin:
    Also make sure you aren't on the freeway between 6 and 6:30 tonight !!!!
  5. Which side of the road do they drive/ride on ............. ?

    think I'll keep my drifting practise to the race track - don't like the idea of taking cars head-on into the equation!
  6. Well...

    Thought they were actually in a sanctioned road race (ie bike version of targa tas) until I saw the cars on the road as well.

    And the rider doing a mono and gesturing to the car coming the other way, who was most ikely swearing and shyting themselves at the thought of a motorcycle wheel coming thru their windscreen.

    Skillful? yup.

    Brainless, selfish flogs? definately.

    Sorry, but these videos do nothing for me.

  7. Unreal.

    For my vote: Best drift happens at 2:45, and best overall thing for me was the dude turning very deep into a long corner and touching one hand to the ground the whole way through the corner. That's at 5:30.
  8. No need to appologise - each to their own.

    The title does warn of dangerous riding.


  9. Ditto that.

    Yeah, they're crazy alright! Don't reckon they'll live to be old, bold riders.

    The only drifting I've seen like that was on the movie Faster (i think thats where i saw it) where one of the motogp riders drifted a little into and out of corners. It was his thing.

    Pretty damned skillful, I'll give em that!
  10. That is some insane riding :shock:
  11. That is simply insane! :shock: :eek:

    There was almost a collision at 2:24s... how close was that?!! :shock:

    And 200km/h mono's...

  12. was some very sweet riding but still kinda crazy....
    i like it :grin: :grin:
  13. dem boys is crazy.
  14. I guess you haven't seen this then? (Might be a few NWS pics on that page)
  15. Looks like the Old Road of a weekend these days. Seriously! No wonder the cops are hammering riders up there.
  16. Nice Vid,

    Thanks man
  17. LoL @ everyone who thinks locking up the rear wheel under brakes is something special.

    McCoy is something special, a proper powerslide.

    Any tool can lockup the rear wheel.

    Drifting, LoL, I wish you'd all drift away. Whoever came up with that term should be spiflicated.

    Go watch the Fast and the Furious again, I'm sure it's fully sick.
  18. Seconded.
    Whilst it may take a bit of practise before you can comfortably hang out the tail either under a compression lockup or just rear brake i don't really see it as a skill, more just a great way to destroy a rear tyre. I tend to shred rears a little quicker than necessary due to my over use of compression braking in low gears, so to intentionally do that is just f'n stupid.

    The dude on the yellow Duke getting his hand down through half the corner was kinda fun though... i have thought of attempting a similar thing but dragging CF knuckles instead; never really felt like bike was settled enough to let go whilst cranked over that far.
  19. The guy on the duke would of been able to do some better drifting if he had some nawz


    FROM http://en.wikipedia.org
  20. Looked to me like they were practising what racing commentators often call "backing it in".

    It's essentially a partially locked up rear wheel drift coming into a corner, but it isn't a power-slide/drift through a corner ala. McCoy.

    It does still take a fair degree of skill and co-ordination to do properly.

    The public road is definitely the wrong place to be practising it though.