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Serious Discussion ONLY

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Nov 22, 2004.

  1. You lot know where the jokes forum is.

  2. that is the point isnt it.

    apart from jo no one owns or rides one and most see them as a joke anyway.

    all i did was question the valididity of a forum for scooters when in 795 registered users we only have 1 scooter.

    i just dont understand the logic.

    what next?

    a sports bike only forum, or maybe crusers only or even have a thread that you arnt even alowed to look at unless your bike has an opposed engine?

    how far do we need to go?

    what is wrong with just a general bikes forum?
  3. Slugie it's quite simple, people who ride scooters are our "special" friend(s). :LOL: :LOL:
  4. What happened to all those excellent posts? We were on a roll!

    I gather Jason and Vic are attempting to broaden netrider appeal by including a scooter section. Doing so without including all the threads that discuss scooters in the past (there must be a few floating around) seems a little pointless at this stage.

    As sluglie points out, we don't have any scooter riders (bar one) to comment in the section to begin with. This leaves only the bikers to comment, but they got deleted because we weren't serious enough for our Dear Leader (pick the political reference).

    Deleting whole threads just because you don't like the content is hardly the way to promote discussion. Given time a serious debate/discussion may have arisen. We wont know since it isn't around any more (if it's been moved I haven't found it at least).
  5. The ever increasing number of scooter riders don't.
  6. Yes

    So much time, and so little to do. It's on the task list.

    How does the saying go ... "if you build it, they will come" It's exactly that principal and beginnings that netrider started in the first place.

    Exactly. And until that time, we will mold this forum they way would like to see/build it. At this time, that includes removing off-topic threads or those that aren't attractive or friendly to the type of people/riders we are wanting to provide this forum for.
  7. Just to be a pain in the a*s, why is it so that so much Across bashing is allowed then?

    As far as I am aware, Jo is openminded enough to cop it on the chin, and throw it back just like the Across riders do. Its lookin like the same thing to me....

    And for the record, there are two Netrider scooter riders, our adorable Jo and MickDundee.
  8. This is a great site and when I saw the Scooter forum I quickly sent the site URL to 2 scooter friends of mine.

    If scooters aren't your cup of tea then move on - if you don't click on it then it really isn't here.

    Can't wait for the reaction when the Pocket Bike forum starts ...lol


  9. It already has!.....see "bloody pocket bikes"
  10. Welcome aboard Keith!
  11. Welcome to Netrider Keith.
  12. A sccoter really isnt my cup of tea but they IMHO serve a purpose.
    They are another little object on 2 wheels that drivers need to be aware of. The more out there the more drivers will become acustomed to looking for us... maybe.....
  13. I'll only say it one more time.

    The jokes section is over there -------->

    Offending posts will be removed.
  14. From what I understand from Mouths post above the answer is....

    Because Across riders are already plentiful here. The scooter riders are not.
    Netrider is trying to attract them and having posts/threads that might turn them away will be removed as they work against what the mods are trying to achieve.
    Once there are enuff scooter riders that call netrider home, we will be free to poke fun at them all we want as they will be comfy enuff to poke it back etc.
  15. Absolutely, and some of them can even feed themselves and tie their own shoelaces.
  16. and should be or.
  17. So what the problem with being a Scooter owner/rider??

    I own two and have had 4 in the last 5 years and I love em... will never go back to a manual gear changing bike again.. anyway the 500 will leave most bikes for dead :) :) :)
  18. look at when the thread was started .
    back in 2004, thats why it doesnt make sense .
  19. wow its like a trip through the ages ....so thats when all this scooter crap started :LOL:
  20. Yep, and look how far it's come. In that time, scooters have gone from obscurity to 4 out of the top 10 selling road bikes here in Australia. Also in that time, and long before, I believe the biggest selling bike worldwide is/was a Honda scooter (Cub).

    Given the popularity of scooters and ever increasing petrol prices, more cagers are going to be coming over to 2 wheels and it seems like scooters are becoming 1st choice. Perhaps some of the more loquacious people on this forum should think a bit further than the end of their nose and think what will happen if/when scooters outnumber other bikes on the road. Who will be the minority then??

    I love my big road bikes as well but don't know how I'd be able to do everything I can without the scoot. With designs of scooters now including big wheels and large capacities (650cc production now - 900cc in concepts) the line between traditional bike and scooter are being more and more blurred.