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Serious Acceleration

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by rodgerdodger, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. I've been to the drags before but still found these articles interesting - impressive stuff.

    Couldn't find these on the web anywhere so I scanned them - they might take a little while to load.



  2. Amazing. $5000 per run if nothing goes wrong. 4500kw..... wow.
  3. i used to race at willowbank a bit and went there religously for years, and when you see these things go it is amazing. The ground is literally vibrating underneith you. I love the jet cars though, its amazing that when they are just moving it forward to stage and quick flick of the flame and the sound it makes is amazing! If you have never been to the drags when top fuellers,funny cars etc are running make a point to go!
  4. I'd love to see the jet cars and especially the top fuel dragsters, I just have no idea when they are on :? (I'm in Melbourne)
  5. here here
    if u can find the day and date ill come as well
  6. +1 on that

    Thanks for posting up that article rodger, really interesting read that
  7. not trying to be mean here but u see these kinda cars in the street and racing in the industrial roads..
    we want top fuel alcohol cars and jet cars
    :grin: :grin:
  8. from what Im reading...they don't have them here in Vic anymore...sorry :(
  9. I know the type you are looking for...I used to go to them all the time to watch a friend of mine,
    John Taverna...A gas. back in the late 80's
    But yeah..no luck in Vic at the moment although they are working on getting them back down here.
    you may have to travel to sydney.
  10. Top fuelers, have to be seen to be believed, there is no way to describe the sheer power and velocity of them, they are the fastest accellerating things on earth.
  11. they might be fast.... but can it beat the mighty gixer???
    :grin: :LOL: :LOL:
    most likely it will but only cause i gave it a head start hehe
  12. Some impressive fuel burning stats there.
    8 litres a second for a top fueler and 8,000 litres an hour for Destriero.
    --The most powerful challenge for the Blue Riband since its revival will come from the Italian vessel Destriero, which next month aims to take all four trophies by breaking the record in both directions across the Atlantic. The power does not come merely from its 54,000bhp engines. Behind Destriero's challenge are the Aga Khan, Fiat's Giovanni Agnelli and the presidents of Italy's state-owned industrial holding company, IRI, and its Olympic committee. The all-white boat is decorated with the logos of Fiat, the petro-chemical giant Agip, Ciga Hotels and the Meridiana airline (both controlled by the Aga Khan), and the nationalised shipyard, Fincantieri, which built Destriero. Together with other sponsors they have invested $12 million in the challenge -- and that excludes the cost of the vessel.

    For the last month Destriero has been undergoing trials at its home port of Porto Cervo on Sardinia's Costa Smeralda, the holiday resort developed by the Aga Khan. Moored initially near the clubhouse of the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda (president: the Aga Khan), under whose flag it has entered the Atlantic challenge, the 67-metre, 400-ton vessel dominated the small bay. Early-season holiday-makers gathered on the quayside to look at it, buzzed around on jet-skis and in dinghies, bought spin-off merchandise with the Destriero badge (polo shirt L40, wind-cheater L75) or simply gazed across the bay at the high-tech apparition. "Look at that yacht," said an astonished young girl as she caught her first sight of it. "That's not a yacht, it's a ship," replied one of her friends scornfully.

    They were both right. Cesare Fiorio, the 52-year-old former sporting director of the Ferrari Grand Prix team who has masterminded the Destriero challenge, takes pains to distinguish it from the other challengers of the Branson generation: "It's not a powerboat, it's a sea-going ship". But the brass plaque issued by Det Norske Veritas, which classifies vessels for insurance purposes, describes it as a "Gas Turbine Yacht". Destriero calls itself "a steed or war horse" (the English translation of the name), but anybody who thought it was an aeroplane wouldn't be far from the truth: it has three General Electric aero engines, while an FA-18 Hornet jet fighter gets by with only two.

    One could just hear the rising whine of the turbines up on the bridge, set high in a superstructure styled by Pininfarina, Ferrari's designer, as Destriero was towed out of the marine by a tug. But the loudest noise was the hum of the computers. A total of 16 screens display information from the two on-board computer systems. One of them controls the engines and the three water-jets; the other is for navigation, and is so sophisticated that it not only guides the vessel along a predetermined transatlantic route but also warns of obstacles like ships and buoys (the former at a distance of 96 miles) and even suggests ways of avoiding a collision.

    On a short trip along the Sardinian coastline, the closest we got to a collision was with the tug, which radioed Destriero to slow down until it had got out of the way. Thereafter, all was peace and quiet: on an almost completely flat sea, Destriero accelerated to 59 knots -- just short of its maximum speed but still almost 70mph -- with about as much drama as an Intercity train leaving Euston. Down below, fuel was being sucked out of the 740-ton tank and into the turbines at the rate of 8000 litres per hour; but up on the bridge most of the 14-man crew in their corporate sport outfits just wandered from one suede-look chair to another, and the rest of us watched the sea slide past and wondered why cross-channel ferries make such a fuss about doing 22 knots.

    The technology of Destriero is not new -- its aluminium hull, gas turbines and integrated navigation system are already familiar marine features -- but it is being tested beyond the known limits because, as Fiorio says, "nobody has ever done 65 knots in a 67-metre vessel before". He is confident that "although sea navigation has not developed to the same extent as cars and aeroplane in the last 50 years, Destriero's philosophy will be adopted for high-speed, 45-knot ships in the near future". The Fincantieri shipyard has, Fiorio says, already designed a ferry for the Sardinian crossing which would be capable of that speed while carrying 400 passengers and 150 cars. He is equally confident that, barring misfortune or very bad weather, Destriero will break the records, both on the crossing from Gibraltar to New York and the more familiar, shorter voyage back to the Scilly Isles. "The first 10 to 15 hours will be critical: with a full fuel load, the vessel floats much lower in the water, and in bad weather the waves break right across it".

  13. not to mention that it needs to be burnt about 1:1 with air compared to 14:1 for petrol and god knows what for diesel.
  14. True, although they are running Top Fuel Dragsters and Doorslammers at Calder Park on Easter Monday - part of the Unique Cars Muscle Car Nationals. Details here.
  15. A few years ago I was wondering the same thing. What happened to the top fuelers at Calder Park. My cousin told me there was a falling out between Bob Jane and whover runs the top fuler drag organisation, and hence we have no drag cars. This is what I was told and I have no idea if it's still the case.
  16. Yeah Bob Jane not only lost CAMS acreditation for the Calder Park circuit (in 2003) but also refused to allow any ANDRA governed event on the drag strip (ie top fuel drag racing). Things are supposed to be changing soon however, current rumour is that ANDRA is looking to buy Calder Park for themselves which would see top fuel return to Victoria.
  17. I think the whole Bob Jane thing was tied in with NASCARs. I think when the latest touring cat rules come in, CAMS tried to get him to drop the NASCARS because it just made it obvious that the Falcondore racing was just NASCARS with different body panels.

    Obviously he told them to bash it up their arse.