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Serbo-Croat Lessons?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Kernel, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. Interested in learning the Southern Slavic language Serbo-Croat as I am of Serbian descent paternally and feel a strong tie to my Serbian ancestry and as though it has a strong influence on my way of thinking and character.

    Also of interest to me is that it has four mutually intelligible standard varieties, meaning that if you learn one country's language, you are able to converse with the people of Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. They will have no problem understanding you and you will have no problem understanding them, making it a very useful language to learn.

    So, does anybody know any Serbo-Croat language course providers or private teachers, or know the language themselves and would be willing to teach me a bit? I have heard from the owner of a Serbian charcoal grill that they provide lessons at the Dandenong High School, however I would like to avoid the area where possible.
  2. @goz He is busy these days though.

  3. Talk about my fish.
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  4. Serbians love fish and Serbia.
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    Yes I knew about goz but I don't know if me and him would get along, who knows. Don't know if he could be bothered teaching me either. Plus he's from Sydney, I'm in Melbourne.
    @smileedude are you Serbian yourself? I have a feeling you are.
  6. There exists in Dandenong the Serbian Social Support Services, I have walked past their sign many many times but never remembered to give them a call, I will try to remember to do it tomorrow.
  7. Yeh, nah, just remembered, he don't like you at all :D

  8. Thou shalt not put into the cloud what thou doth not want to come back to haunt one. How do you say that in Serbian ? :D
  9. @Kernel

    Tony is this video will teach you all you need to know....farken

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  10. I don't even remember that lol

    One day I will be able to tell you
    I gotta say... I found that clip pretty lame. Didn't tickle my funny bone at all.
  11. Actually I seem to remember him complimenting one of my posts after that little incident.
  12. Goz is kinda busy? Is he on some sort of stretch-limo Black Ops, or something???
  13. Goz is busy playing dad
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  15. Well, then although he probably won't read this, congrats to one and all!!!

    And Kernel, being as today is that day that no-one likes to mention, you could always forget about Serbian and just Talk like a Pirate :LOL:
  16. I did do a Google search, but I should have mentioned I'm not really interested in those online courses. I looked into them for German, they're OK to supplement one's in-class learning but they're too much of a brain drain for me to use as a primary learning source.
  17. Arrrrrrrrrr me hearties! A year ago terday I did some marrrrshalling at the oilund 'n there was this feller hollerin' stoof in the intercom loik "Arrrrrrrrrrr me hearties"...
  18. Don't your parents speak Serbian?
  19. No farkin' we farken' talk farkin'
  20. and any Serbian church should have Sunday school "Serbian lessons"
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