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SEQ - apparel shops

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by 2WHEELSNOCLUE, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. Gday all,

    I'm getting close to getting my first bike soon. Just wondering if anyone knows of a good place to get all the safety gear (i live in Rochedale South) south side of brissy.
    I can see places online, but want to make sure everything fits right and is the right stuff for me, so i think i need to try stuff on and get some good advice aswell.
    I want to get a universal setup for now i.e dririder climate control jacket, to cater for most temperature changes. Interested in your thoughts on gear.
    Helmets also,
    So if you have had a good experience in a store pls let me know, i am hoping they will give me some sort of package price, but we'll see. Just so you know what i am thinking to get so far -
    dririder climate control jacket/ shoei helmet - basic/ draggins/ boots???/gloves??
    so as you can see, i am in need of advice and on a budget thinking $1500 max
    Thanks in advance for your responses

  2. Heya! Awesome to see another Brisbanite about to hit the road. : )

    AMA in Yatala is a discount bike gear and accessories warehouse, they're pretty cool... I've popped in a couple times to check it out - http://www.amawarehouse.com.au/
  3. You are very close to a fair few motorcycle shops. There are a few down Moss Street, Slacks Creek. There is also Springwood Suzuki on Kingston Road.
  4. +1, there is about 6 shops that I can think off in a couple of blocks - great if you are hunting down items for fitting as one is bound to have what you are after.
  5. Most of the retail shops have online stores now. Jump on the ones that have just been mentioned, see what they have. Work out who has the best prices then go for a drive and get it all.

    AMA is good for jackets, but you might find them lacking on boots and helmets.

    The rest have pretty much everything. Hit them up for a discount if you get the lot through one shop. No harm asking if its the best they can do anyway. Worst they'll say no.
  6. Support those that Support Netrider :)
  7. I can vouch for that, I bought an A* jacket from them and the guy there was very helpful.
  8. Team Moto at Virginia have a good range of jackets and helmets.
  9. Kylie at Springwood Suzuki always helps me out and the price is always the best. Team Moto at Marooka are also pretty good. They sometimes have good sales on 2 piece suits. Get one of those for $700-ish (less than you'll pay for a decent leather A*s jacket alone), wear the jacket with draggins and then you've got the zip on pants for the track (which you will want in a few months to a year - road riding is overrated).

    But I'd go to Springwood Suzui first, they have a good range. In terms of those discount warehouse gear places, I've found them to have a crap range and be as expensive as the retail shops (typical of Queensland "outlets"). But that is just me.

    Also, with current exchange rates its tempting to try gear on in shops (boots, jackets, gloves especially) and buy off the net. Be careful with helmets, becase of our strange sticker requirements. I'll leave the moral issues there up to you, but if its cheaper to buy OS and have it posted here than it is to buy here after haggling, something isn't right (i.e. bike shops are greedy).
  10. Gday All
    Thanks very much for your advice....
    I went to Suzuki Springwood and spoke to Kylie,
    I was well researched and had the best prices written down on a list, that i had found on various websites for gear....
    Turns out i didnt need it, Kylie gave me a GREAT deal and i walked away with more than i had hoped for, and still under my allowed budget, i was so impressed i booked my bike in for a service!

    So anyone looking for a great deal, i couldnt recommend Springwood Suzuki highly enough.

    P.S - i cant believe its taken me till 31 to ride, i feel like a kid again!
    absolutely loving it!