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September Photo Competion- Entries

Discussion in 'Monthly Photo Competition' started by Caz V1, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. here we go again :)

  2. [​IMG]

    another shot i took while out riding
  3. Some of the USA's finest taken in New York Aug 08

    Broadway, New York Aug 08
  4. [​IMG]

    Bundy & I try on Mad's Jet bike, Gold Coast Bike Week '08
  5. . . . . been done already !! :p


    . . . oh well, theres another item that Tex has had his crotch around which i've had mine !! :shock:


    hahahaha !
  6. Micky, you should catch and kill your own.
  7. I quite like the contrast in this one. The south island west coast in NZ
  8. hows the view of the tacho with that tank bag? lol
  9. No need to see the tacho or speedo mate. When it's bouncing off the rev limiter you know it's time to change gear. When it's bouncing off the rev limiter in top you know your doing just over 200. Thats all I need to know :) :)
  10. Here's mine, 1 month on.

  11. Sometimes I love my job and the animals I come in contact with :)

  12. last time i saw a photo from that angle, the bike was a ship...
  13. ha yeah, if only i had gotten a shot of that with the pasha bulker in the background. now that would be a photo.
  14. A good reason to be a little cautious if you don't know the road ahead. :)


  15. i think i snuck in just in time.taken at colo river today.

  16. Holy shit :shock:

    Note: Whats the focus on this month's Photo Comp?
  17. [​IMG]

    Click for larger.