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Seperation Anxiety?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tanyathecheeky, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. I sold my zx6, the guy is collecting it this morning and I'm feeling really miserable..

    do you guys/gals feel this way when you sell your bike?

  2. Hence the reason I still have my Across :grin:
  3. I certainly felt that way when I was separated from my bike when it was still travelling at 140kph.
  4. Hey Tanya how's the job interview process going?
  5. I felt that way about the old vt250f that i had. I didnt have it long but it changed my life heaps. :(
  6. It's not easy to handle, but each day is a little better. :)
  7. Oh, and to answer the question, I have never loved a bike enough to be sad about selling it. Done, done and onto the next one! New bike fever is a great feeling.
  8. Yeah, I'm getting ready to start thinking about selling my bike and getting a larger one to throw the missus on the back of, but everytime I think about it I wonder if I'll be able to bring myself to do it :LOL::LOL:

    I feel for ya!!
  9. I felt a pang or 2 when I sold my Across, worsened by finding out that the new owner had dropped it within 24 hours of purchase. :cry:

    But the pain continues to be eased by the grin factor of my new bike!
  10. Loz, I have a job.. why do you ask?

    sheesh he just called he's on his way :(
  11. I am selling my current ride but this is the fourth bike I have had, so seperation anxiety is not an option. :LOL:

    Unless I was to be bikeless, then I would be seriously depressed!
  12. Sorry, thought you were in the middle of some huge 12 month long application process for the Vic fire brigade... Weren't ya?
  13. Have you got a replacement bike on the way Tanya? I can't picture you not riding...
  14. No Loz not me :)

    I already have another bike, the z1000, I actually liked the 6 more, but i'd lose too much if i sold the zed

    It's gone, :( I told him if he hurt the bike I'd kill him :)
  15. thats yammychick :)
  16. i felt sad when i sold my zzr250, was my first bike and i loved her, but she went to a good home, and being able to jump on my new bike eased the anxiety a bit, i thought of it in terms of moving on to bigger and better things, and havent looked back since....
  17. I have felt like I've betrayed every bike I've ever sold, (except the Kawa 500, which tried to kill me). I understand your pain, Tanya :cry:
  18. Ive got separation anxiety cos I cant ride my bike. Pins and plates in shoulder has had me garage the bike at a freinds place thats agaes away so i dont try to ride it.
    My helmet is there to so I dont try to talk lil into taking me out on the back with her.

    its been 2 nearly 2 weeks since op, 4 weeks to go.
  19. Oh. Heh. Yah. I knew that.... :wink: :grin:
  20. Hey Stookie, When did this happen? Wish you a fast and healthy recovery mate :grin: :grin:

    As for SA, I have it every time I sell a bike, not many have been sold by me [mostly written off] but the period from the sale to the New one is the worst and you always compare your old bike to the new one until you accept the new one unconditionally and it becomes the "BEST I HAVE" :roll: