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N/A | National Sepang Track Days

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by wally77, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. Has anyone done a Sepang track day? I have some Air Asia coupons to use up so thought it might be a good way to use them at an awesome venue.

  2. I was there for the f1 grand prix and it was over 40 degrees. Just be warned as that would be no fun at all.

    I did look at doing this but couldnt find if there were track rentals. I gave up on that and at the moment have other projects. I also couldn't find a rental company in singapore to take a bike out of Sg for any reason, so that is not an option.

    My dream overseas track ride would be Laguna Seca I think. I just want to crest that corkscrew.
  3. Brilliant track. Going to the GP this year hopefully. Far better than any track we have in Australia. Such a shame we have all this space. Everything is under grand stand cover and it's $30 general admission sit anywhere you like. Flights are bugger all as well. Funny how it makes PI GP seem overpriced
  4. far better for spectators? yeah i guess the stands look pretty schmick on the tv footage.

    any tips for trackday options?
  5. I did the MotoGP last year and it is a great track and good viewing. There must be someone who can rent bikes.
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  7. There was a bloke in my group at CSS on the 18th from KL and he mentioned that one could get rental bikes there and that he organized track days with his mates.
    check out this link
  8. Great, I have emailed SBR track days, will let you all know what they say.
  9. Am interested too. Be nice to group it together say travel over for the GP then do track day couple days after
  10. I've done that track, but not on a bike. Loved it! It does get pretty hot out though.

    I'll ask around to see if there are any bikes for rent.
  11. Pussies.

    Seriously though, it rarely gets that hot, but it rarely gets below about 34 either. The humidity is just oppressive when you first arrive and it takes months to get used to it.

    It's relative cool at the moment. Low 30s

    It's best to do any physical activity in the morning.

    I can't help much with the track day itself. Malaysia is about 5 years behind when it comes to the Interwebs, so I'm betting more companies do it than are listed on the Interwebs. Maybe try contacting the circuit management? Or look up expat websites. Word of mouth is quite common here.

    Also, Australian capacity bikes are very dear over here. So track day rental might be quite expensive. I see some big bore bikes around but those guys are earning better money than me.

    finally, don't forget airport taxes in your estimates. KUL tax is quite high, even if Air Aisa's prices seem cheep.

    Malaysia Airlines sucks arse. Air Asia is actually better.
  12. Agreed. It was 51 were I was working this week. 40 is downright cold
  13. I got some feedback, eight sessions over two days:

    Hi Wally,

    Thanks for your interest in SBR. Yes we do rent bikes for the events we run but we don't rent riding gear.

    We have late model ZX6R and ZX10R bikes available for hire; the cost is S$1200 for the ZX10 and S$1000 for the ZX6 for 8 x 20 minutes sessions over the 2 days

    If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to let me know


  14. Wow not bad
  15. Actually It's a lot more exy than here where u get 6x20 min sessions for $450 IIRC.
  16. Would love to do a track day there though. I reckon that 1st gear hairpin at the end of a 1km straight might catch out plenty of us mug track day punters!
  17. I think it is pretty good value, you should be able to get away with flight, bike hire and track fees for under $2,000.
  18. We should plan a forum track day at Sepang.
  19. I would be in for sure, maybe even plan 12 months ahead to give more people the opportunity to get onboard.
  20. @ $2k it's too rich for me, but I'll have a beer or three with you guys afterwards.

    Happy to give advice about getting around and other things to do.