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N/A | National Sepang testing

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by edgelett, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Anyone else keeping a keen eye on it?

    early days so far, but Rossi is doing pretty damn good :)

  2. Am I rightin seeing Rossi on the top of the time sheets? Or do you have more up to date info than me? :)
  3. Yup he was leading for th first hour, Marquez has just pipped him.

    Again, still early days. But good to see his name up the top again!
  4. Looks like Dovi's got his work cut out for him getting his head round the duke.
    But like above early days
  5. Ducati is going nowhere. They still haven't sorted the issue Rossi complained about the very first time he rode it. And Stoner for that matter. Rossi will be chuffed he's got the better of Lorenzo straight off the bat. For the moment anyway.
  6. Its early days, Marquez was still a second off last years pole at sepang. I hope Rossi does well though
  7. it's just nice to see four people all within half a second of each other so far :) hope this will be a close season!
  8. I reckon this season is going to be a great one. Too many Aussies have turned thier backs on MotoGp because Stoner has left, pretty stupid really.
    With all the recent changes, I think we're going to be in for some real close racing which is what has been lacking.
  9. turned my back, no, lost some interest, yes, because the while the racing/riding is at a very technically high level, its just no where near as enjoyable as watching WSBK.

    f1 = asleep in 5min
    motogp = asleep in 10-15 unless its a cracker of an actual race....no very often (pvr's are a marvelous thing)
    wsbk/wss = never a dull moment

  10. Some footage, dont be surprised if Dorna takes it down soon though
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  11. Rossi haters where you at?

    The GOAT is back. Don't be scared homies.
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  12. Marquez within hundredths of a second of Pedrosa after not very long at all on the bike... will make for some good racing this year with the top four so far.

    And below is at the end of day 2
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  14. well at the end of testing, Rossi on the Yamaha is getting times that would place him on the front row of the grid, just over a tenth of a second behind Lorenzo.

    the Ducati's however are still 2 seconds behind the lead position.

    i feel sorry for Dovi - i don't think he'll see as many podiums this year as he did last year.
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  15. Looks like it's going to shape up as a cracker of a season.
    I'm tipping some pretty hard racing with Pedrosa, Marquez, Lorenzo and Rossi all battling hard for the top three places. Then throw in Crutchlow and Bradl into the mix, I reckon there's going to be some pretty good racing.

    Better not forget to get behind the Aussie Starring.
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  16. http://www.crash.net/motogp/results/187763/1/sepang_motogp_test_times_-_tuesday_5pm.html
    Looks like valentino might be competitive again. Very impressive times from marquez. Supposedly HRC team has overlayed marquez lap geometry and times over stoners previous data and it is remarkably close. What an upstart ot would be for the hot headed spaniard to win a championship but most likely a slew of races in his first season with the big boys.
  17. Marquez's 'bosses' are expecting him to get a few wins this year even if it is his rookie season.
    While I think it is a shame Stoner won't be carving it up this year I think MotoGP will have some close exciting racing.

    I still think I will prefer losing my nana watching Moto2 though
  18. I think marquez is going to be the cat amongst the pigeon
  19. I think come race day, it'll be a whole different ball game for Marquez.
    Sure he's fast but can he keep it together when it counts? It'll be good to watch the season unfold and I think if he doesn't bin it to often, will probably finish the year at the pointy end.
    Jorge is still the man to beat in my opinion, hopefully Rossi will be back to his old tricks on the yami and throwing some chaos into the mix.
  20. Will be interesting to see Marquez try to bully these guys.