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TAS [Sep 5, 2016] Southern Tasmania, Lindisfarne to Richmond (L)(P) Friendly (Lindisfarn, Tasmania)

Discussion in 'Other States' at netrider.net.au started by Brendan Carley, Sep 3, 2016.

Southern Tasmania, Lindisfarne to Richmond (L)(P) Friendly
Start Date: Sep 5, 2016 11:00
End Date: Sep 5, 2016 13:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +10:00 AEST

Caltex Servo
109 East Derwent Hwy
Lindisfarn, Tasmania 7015

Posted By: Brendan Carley

Confirmed Attendees: 1
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  1. Riding out to Richmond via Glass Tree Hill Road on Monday 5th of September at 11am meeting anybody who wants to go along at the Caltex at Lindisfarn.

    Destination.. Richmond, Sweets n Treats or the Arms hotel you choose.
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  2. Got a few people saying they are interested so it looks like it could be a 4-6 person ride if we are lucky.
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    Good on you Brendan for organising a ride. Sometimes you have to have a few gos at it before you get some regulars but it is worthwhile to keep on plugging. Hope you get a good turn out. Perhaps also try and catch up with the annual mainlanders rampage through Tassie I am sure they would love to have some locals along.

    [Feb 6, 2017] Tassie Tour (Bigger & Better!!) (Port Melbourne)
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  4. Yes I caught a few of the 2008? Tassie Tour as they stopped in a Joes Garage. I was working full time so couldn't go on any ride on my busa.

    Anyway I'm also heading to Melbourne this Friday for the day (fly in fly out), just me and my 3 year old and we are going to catch up with a relative that I haven't seen since my wedding. (that would be Tony so i will say hi for you, Paul)

    So the Ins for the ride are

    a mate on a Kawasaki gpx250 (L)
    and myself

    and 3 maybe's

    1 no (they write sick notes at the chemist now for a small fee)
  5. Sorry I can't join you Brendan, a little too far to go, but if you're up this end of the island let us know and we'll catch up. Might come down to Hobart for the Toy Run on 3 Dec, haven't been to one yet.
  6. last time i was up your way Barry, was with the family. there was a bunch of special interest bikes out for a ride. I was following behind a rider on an Indian scout, and BOOM his tyre blew out and he had one hell of a tank slapper but recovered amazingly and pulled over unhurt bike and rider. I Pulled over (as i always do if I can when I see a rider who may need help) and the support vehicle that was behind me pulled over as well. I discovered that the rider who made the amazing recovery only had One arm! I helped load the bike on the trailer and drove away.
  7. Those veteran bikers (and bikes) are amazing, and we think we've done good getting to the other side of the car park without a mishap :wideyed:

    Have a safe ride, hope it stays dry for you.
  8. I'm now a definite no show, as I'm needed for a Sailabilty shift.
  9. Was a beauty of a day . IMG_20160905_105626.
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  10. I was checking out what the Grasstree Hill road twisties were like on Google street view and thought the Google Photo Car was pretty game overtaking this truck on double lines:


    However as it turns out the Google car was actually coming down the hill.
  11. Might have to check that out next february Barry, hope you guys had a great ride today, nice to see the weather is picking up:playful:
  12. Well i have a video I will upload to youtube of this ride better than street view. I'm really just learning this video editing thing so I've experimented today with a 2nd camera and a different mount on the front. Its a short little road I guess It is in some ways similar to the old road from Berowra to Hawksbury River (NSW) 'Mostly 60kph'
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  13. Well you picked a cracking day for it! Hope it was a good ride. Totally jealous as I stare longingly out the window at my bike parked at work here...
  14. Good weather? It's too hot already! Following my little bit of sailing today I took off various layers before riding home, and still cooked.
  15. looks like this friendly rider had a go pro or similar too i do like the colour of his bike :) Brendan Carley4.