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[Sep 5, 2015] Motorcycle Orientated First Aid Course (Leichardt)

Discussion in 'QLD' started by V2, Jul 28, 2015.

Motorcycle Orietated First Aid Course
Start Date: Sep 5, 2015 13:00
End Date: Sep 5, 2015 17:00
Time Zone: Australia/Brisbane +10:00 AEST

1a Samford Road
Leichardt 4305

Posted By: V2

Confirmed Attendees: 0
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  1. I've just booked myself into this first aid course. Thought I'd list it here in-case anyone else was interested. It never hurts to know what to do if you happen to run across another rider in need! I don't know anything about these guys but being motorcycle orientated cant hurt!

    First Aid for Motocyclists

    There is a morning and afternoon session on Saturday 5th Sept in Ipswich (for Brissy riders). I'm in the afternoon session.
  2. Good on you V2. In my opinion such courses are absolutely essential for anyone regularly riding in a group with Netriders ;)
  3. There are group rides on Netrider??
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  4. I guess that might have been in the good old days, now that I come to think of it.
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  5. I strongly recommend everyone who rides to undertake at least basic first aid including CPR training. (And especially do a course if you have children- nothing worse than an injured kid and a hysterical, panicking parent flapping around. trust me!)
    Your immediate action could be life saving especially in those more remote areas that we all like to travel through :)
    I nearly always carry a pretty substantial first aid kit in my kriega...including good scissors to cut off /through clothing if required but a bit hard to use on yourself if the need arises...
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  6. Yes OldmaidOldmaid , I love to cut peoples clothes off as well!! :p But seriously, I would be terrible with blood.
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  7. I do mandatory cpr training at work every year and have held a senior first aid qualification for the last ten years, refreshed every year or two. So thankful I've never had to use any of that training in a serious situation, but yeah its great to know, or at least have some kind of idea of what to do when someone's done themself a mischief
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  8. Same here. But I wouldn't mind attending the motorcycle FA course due to the difficulties when removing helmets particularly with suspected head, neck or spinal injuries.
  9. I need to update my Senior First Aid.
    Two questions:
    Will this course be held again this year? and;
    Is this an auxiliary course or does it still cover a full certificate?