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QLD [Sep 18, 2016] Gold Coast NRs meet & greet ride (Carrara, Queensland)

Discussion in 'QLD' started by Valvoline, Sep 12, 2016.

Gold Coast NRs meet & greet ride
Start Date: Sep 18, 2016 08:00
End Date: Sep 18, 2016 12:00
Time Zone: Australia/Brisbane +10:00 AEST

Zaraffas Nerang
85 Spencer Rd
Carrara, Queensland 4214

Posted By: Valvoline

Confirmed Attendees: 0
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This event has already begun, or has already passed; RSVP has been since closed.
  1. Heya SEQ NR peeps!

    Having come back from the southern states and met many of the NR cousins and the amaze-balls rides they hold, I would like to start something like this in the GC... :) My aim is to make this a regular weekend thing and possibly also offer newbies some guidance and tips if they choose. At the very least, do a meet-and-greet and talk about bikes, over bikes! :happy:(y) .

    All skill levels welcome. Depending who turns up the ride can be chopped and changed to how adventurous riders are feeling on the day. There's always new places to explore or can easily do the fun old haunts. All can be discussed over a cuppa.

    Sunday 18th Speptember - 8:00am onwards

    There is a Caltex petrol station immediately next to Zaraffas to fuel up before the ride.

    Hope to meet some other NR peeps! :cool:

    PS. Yes, UG, there will be cake as long as you pay for it! :p
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  2. I actually have the day off :-O
    omg ... I'll see you there 8-|
    I shall ride the KTM in honour 8-|
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  3. How far are you planning to ride? Its an hour from my place to the GC.
  4. Hey, that sounds good... I hope to make it :)
  5. Heya at the moment I'm not sure. Usually I decide on the day depending on who turns up / riding experience.
    Is there anything you'd particularly like or have time restraints? We can adjust. Or do a ride more towards north. Maybe then you can peel off early?
  6. sounds great - would love to be in Qld this time of year just cruisin' goldie
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  7. Looks like it's a ladies day out :)

    I am away racing, another raincheck I'm afraid. (Love that rain hey Valve :whistle:)

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  8. Would be a first for ladies day: but all welcome :)
    I'm sure after dusting off the cobwebs AND giving your bike a wash on Sat up at O'reillys, you'll be zippin round the track like a pro racer... Oh. But wait. ... You are! Ha! :rolleyes:

    Bring on the rain, yes indeed! o_O When I remember my wets :asshat:
  9. The only pro that describes me is

    But thanks for talking me up:cool:

  10. Should be up for this if the weather is good. Different coffee shop?
  11. We can change it'd you wish CaffeineMonsterCaffeineMonster ... Where were you thinking?

    I guess depends where ride will be - I'll post up a rough ride tonight :)
  12. I don't mind - was just a question. let me know and i'll come along
  13. Ahhhhh fidlesticks. I bought a new pair of boots to ride down with and looks like it'll be rained out :mad::oldman::bigtears: 95% chance of up to 30mm grrr
  14. Would love to come. But I wont be this weekend.
    Might try to get to one between now and Christmas though.
    Its a bit of a hike from up here just to get to the start point and back!
  15. if they're wet weather boots you'll try them out anyway. I went for ride down to border today in case Sunday gets rained out, might do the same again tomorrow just in case. May ride down there in the rain on Sunday have a good test of tyres wet weather grip - hehe
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  16. We should make one west of Brissy one time - equidistant. Sunny coast roads are freakin great too though, worth the hump across town
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  17. They were better before they started dropping speed limits all over the freaking place!
    Makes a grown man cry I tells ya!!
    Speaking of which, I see the Oxley is about to cop a speed limit reduction in parts! Devastated!
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  18. Indeed. I did the Mt Mee, Maleny, Kenilworth, Obi Obi, Mapleton, Bald Knob run couple weeks ago after hearing reports of they're big policing effort up there so took it easy - didn't see one boy in blue and bugger all cars, ended up a great day
  19. Are we still on?