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[Sep 15, 2016] Adelaide to Melbourne (S.A & Vic)

Discussion in 'Other States' started by Eric, Aug 9, 2016.

Adelaide to Melbourne
Start Date: Sep 15, 2016 09:00
End Date: Sep 20, 2016 09:00
Time Zone: Australia/Adelaide +09:30 ACST

Adelaide- Melbourne

S.A & Vic

Posted By: Eric

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  1. My wife and I are planing on coming to Melbourne in 6 weeks time. Off the top of my head I think we will leave Adelaide on the 15th Sept for a 5-6day tour on the Goldwing. There will be plenty of photos because she take photos on the move from the back of the wing. We have picked out our route and when I get back home I can give you all the details. I will spend Saturday with UG and crew, so we are look forward to catching up with some of you guys.

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  2. I now have a week off from work and we will set sail for Melbourne on Wednesday 21st September riding to Hamilton. Thursday 22nd riding GOR to Queenscliff. Friday 23rd riding the Dandenog Ranges. Saturday will be spent with Melbourneites. Sunday we are looking at riding to Jameison to vist friends. Monday, Tuesday riding home through Sea Lake
  3. Don't forget to bring cake for UG:D:D
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  4. Jeez, everyone is coming to Melbs
    Clearly, the place to be
    Maybe we should, get organized
    And have us, a Jamboree....

    My apologies to all poets of the world.
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  5. Can't blame them can you, looks like we will need a fence on two borders!!!!
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  6. dude
    cant wait
  7. Only when it's not winter!! :D

    Wish I was also coming EricEric!
    March 2016 will be the earliest.
    Wishing you and lady V the best weather for a bike possible!
  8. Just got back home from work and will be on our way in the morning. We have a friend that lives in Jamieson who is having treatment for cancer. So we will arrive at his place Thursday to visit him. To get there we will ride through Pinaroo, Swan Hill, Shepperton, Jamieson.
    Friday we will ride Jamieson, Eldon, Healesville, Melbourne.
    Saturday I will meet up with the Uncle Greg Gang.
    Maybe get out of town after riding training or Sunday morning and home Monday at noon.
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  9. Just a question. The M8, is that a toll and do bike pay?
  10. bikes have to pay on all vic tollways, but you can get day passes via citylink online
  11. Our fisrst day on the road is done and dusted. We expected a little bit of rain and a cold day and that is what we got. Leaving home at 0830 and having our first stop at Murray Bridge for acoffee and to let a rain band clear away. Riding from Murray Bridge through Karoonda where someone I know took the wrong road. And there I was riding along thinking..............I can't remember this. After the extra kms we stopped at Pinaroo for lunch. Back on the road to Waliup for a butt break where we deciede Swan Hill would be far enough. That made a 580 km day.
    Today we will ride to Jamieson, see you all tonight.
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  12. EricEric shame that you wont be in vic still on tues ..imagine that THREE STATES DINNER at SibiSibi and 69SIM69SIM din din :D

    Have a safe trip, hopefully we get to meet some day ( maybe when i can con NedNed into taking me to SA ;) )
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  13. That would have been great if we could have stayed, but..................my daughter is flying into Adelaide from China on Monday for just the one day. So we need to be home by midday to get things ready for a family dinner that night.
    Today was still a cool ride but without the rain. I love how green everthing is. Don't tell any of those Victorians, that they have some great riding roads. And they would be better tackled with my 250. It was still alot of fun on the Goldwing.
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  14. Hope you're having a great time Uncle EricEric :)
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  15. A short ride to Jamieson yesterday and we caught up with our friends. And today we got to ride the Jamieson to Eldon rd. again. There was a lot of crap on the road but still fun to ride. And loved the ride from there into Melbourne. The weather was just great, the ride was great. It is hard being me.
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  16. I wonder when there's NO stuff on that road! But the vies make up for it! Stay upright EricEric & have fun :)
  17. Just to prove that it did happen.......................a few photos. IMG_1373.JPG IMG_1375.JPG IMG_1373.JPG IMG_1375.JPG

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  18. It is a great area to ride isn't it? And perfect weather, especially from midday....
  19. The ride from Euroa to Melton is fun. Some photos from this part of the ride. IMG_1388.JPG IMG_1392.JPG

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  20. now i know what you look like