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[Sep 14, 2014] Track day Sunday 14th September 2014 (Sydney Motor SPort Park)

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by Senator17, May 9, 2014.

Track day Sunday 14th September 2014
Start Date: Sep 14, 2014 07:00
End Date: Sep 14, 2014 17:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +10:00 AEST

Sydney Motor SPort Park
Eastern Creek

Posted By: Senetor17

Confirmed Attendees: 2
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    I've booked in for a track day at Sydney Motor Sport Park / Eastern Creek on Sunday 14th September 2014, While I've never done a track day on a bike, in the 1990's I would have clocked up 100's of laps with a HQ Race car. Any tips or advice for the day would be very much appreciated. Also anyone form the forum going?

  2. Just the usual, make sure your bike is in good order. Just go at a pace your comfortable with and just let people through that are faster. Also its better to go up to speed gradually and also keep in mind tire temps and pressures (30/30 is good starting point).

    Most of all just have fun :)
  3. Senator, did my first track day two months ago. This is what I took with

    1. Leathers and some compression garments underneath. Make sure if you have new leathers your collar does not scratch your neck!!! Hurt like hell.
    2. Duct tape for taping your mirrors, lights
    3. Correct size spanner for removing your mirrors (depends what bike or mirrors you have)
    4. Tyre pressure gauge - VERY important cause this effects tyre temperature and grip if pressure not optimal
    5. Energy drinks - plenty
    6. Fuel - depends on your tank size but on my 11 liter KTM I need to fill and riding to the closest servo is a no no with mirrors removed, taped lights
    6. Chair to sit on between sessions

    Depending in the weather you might want to layer some warmth under your leathers etc.

    The above worked for me.
  4. RD140914a. RD140914b. RD140914c. RD140914d. RD140914f. So I'll start by apologising for such a long report, but it was so much fun, so exhilarating, that I want to share with anyone that will read it. I knew well in advance that I had a lot to learn and it would be a long day. I did some research on the web including this forum to get some idea of what I was in for. There is some documentation to go through when I booked and it is very important to read it all. I tried to do all my preparation in the week leading up to my track day and it was all good. I went over everything on the bike to make sure all was in readiness paying particular attention to tyres, brakes, oil, coolant and chain. I took the luggage rack off Saturday arvo in readiness for Sunday's track day.
    As it would be a long day, I wanted to make sure I'd be well hydrated, and as my wonderful wife was coming out to support me, we packed her car with everything we thought we'd need. Esky with cold drinks, water, Powerade for electrolytes. My darling wifey made some nice Ham and salami rolls and brought out some salad, cheese, tomato and cucumber to have on the rolls. I also threw together a small toolbox with various tools I thought would come in handy in case something needed adjusting or tightening. Also a 20L jerry can full of the good stuff (98 Octane, which is what I usually use in the bike anyway) and finally some fold up chairs as it's a long time to stand around between sessions and we wanted to be comfortable.

    Finally track day dawned, although we were up before dawn to pack the last couple of things we needed to take out to the track and move vehicles around to get the bike out. First stop was the servo to brim the tank on the bike and grab some ice for the esky. I know a lot of people recommend trailering the bike out, but I don't have one, so I rode out with my wifey following in the car. My brother was also coming out for the day and he has a ute do if I did drop the bike, I could still get it home. The ride out was rather unpleasant as a very thick fog had descended overnight and it was very hard to see where we were going. Luckily it's only a short 15 min drive to the track. Arriving at 7:00 am, there were already a lot of riders at the track. We were lucky to score one of the last empty garages. Next time I will reserve one if possible.

    So at the sprightly young age of 52 (It was my birthday that day) I was hitting the track for the first time an a bike. Before presenting the bike for scrutineering, I removed the mirrors and the numberplate. The bike was clean and looking like new so had no problems passing scrutineering. We put the bike back in the garage and I went of to finish the paperwork. All done by 8:00 am and just waiting for the riders briefing which was to commence at 8:30. Due to the fog it was dragged out till 8:40. We also quickly dropped the tyre pressures for the track. It's important to listen as there is lots of valuable information to take in.

    Dave from California Superbike School was also out there and as this was my First track day and I was in the white (Slowest) group, they offered an orientation session in the café and he would show us around for the first two laps of our first session. I eagerly accepted. I watched carefully as Dave showed us the right line around the track and made note of all the flag points. And then it was into it. I took it easy in the first session, I didn't care who passed me nor did I try to pass anyone. I just wanted to ride fast and work out some braking points and turn in points. But what I did find is that a 20 minute session seems very short. I also noticed that I wasn't the slowest rider in the group, and that was definitely a good thing.

    My mate Glen also came out to see what the day would be like and wish me a happy birthday. It was good to see him and I had hoped he'd also join me for the day, maybe next time. During the day after the second session, Dave from CSS was doing steering drills, so I caught up with him for one of the session. It was a great help as I had been finding that it was taking me too long to flick the bike from side to side through the tight twisty esses on the new section of Eastern Creek. The smallest adjustment in my posture made a huge amount of difference and after doing the steering drills, I found I could flick the bike much quicker. This helped a lot with my speed through that part of the track.

    There is so much to take in, no one should expect to learn everything in on track day. It will take a few more before I've got all my turn in points, brake markers and lines all worked out. One of the most important things I and everyone that has experience is to make sure you take it easy on your first lap when the tyres are cold. Each time I went out, I was very cautious on my first lap to let the tyres warm up before I started to get on the pace.

    Everything went fantastically well on the day. The bike performed great and I was buzzed and excited all day, even at the end of the day when we were packing up. It felt great to really lean the bike into corners, get the tyres working to the edges and just practice turn after turn after turn with plenty of speed on board. Also it's great not to have to worry about the condition and grip level of the road. The track will remain very consistent so I could push a little harder each session. Eventually in the last two sessions I saw 223 on the speedo on the front straight, which I think is fairly decent for a first track day. By the end of the day, there seemed to be only two riders in my group going quicker that me and both were on 1000cc full sports bikes, and the BMW was a lot quicker. I can't imagine what it's like to ride a 200+ hp race bike, my 136hp road bike has so much grunt coming out or corners and accelerating down the straight, I was giggling like a little girl in my helmet.

    Thanks to Dean for you tips and friendship, it made the day feel more comfortable and your tips were very helpful.

    If you've done a track day before, then you know how much fun they are and how valuable they are for improving your riding skills. If you haven't done a track day before, they are not that daunting or scary so get out there and have some fun. I can also recommend Tim Munro photography and their photo package, it's well worth the memories and great photos. I didn't feel the effort or exhaustion hit me till well after I arrived home at the end of the day and unpacked. Below are some photos of me having a whole lot of fun.
  5. Great write up and glad you enjoyed your first track day! I'm sure you have realised by now that a 'normal' ride out to somewhere just isn't the same anymore!

    I'm booked in for the Toprider coaching and setup track day on the 3rd October on the Eastern Creek South Circuit. Smaller more technical track. Differs a bit from the SM Ride days in that they record your lap times and a coach follows you around to give you tips. Also suits my Duke a bit more than the high speed full circuit. Oh and they offer free pictures as well.

    Try not to tell too many other bikers out there - would hate it if track days became more popular and bookings more difficult!

    PS: Happy birthday - rather late than never.
  6. Thanks for the kind wishes GeorgeO, Yeh, I know what you mean about other bikers. The day was fully booked with 45 riders in each group. Making 190 in total. And I booked quite a few months ahead. Also forgot to mention in my report that after my second session, and for the remainder of the day, every session in every group was marred by fallen riders. At around lunch time there was an announcement over the PA system for riders to back off and take it a bit easier as there were too many riders coming off. Also in my very 5th session of the day, someone came off right in front of me. Not only that, but their bike also went down and continued to run circles, spinning on it's frame sliders at the old Turn 9 (Now turn 12 the last hairpin). The bike crossed the track in front of me twice before I got around it. At the rider's briefing they did say it's not a race or a practice day and reminded everyone to go easy. Seems a lot of people don't listen.
  7. Good on you mate. I've been doing them for years and still love track days, looks like you're another convert!