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[Sep 13, 2013] 3-day trip: Sydney/Gloucester/Oxley/Sydney

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by PeterPorker80, Aug 23, 2013.

3-day trip: Sydney/Gloucester/Oxley/Sydney
Start Date: Sep 13, 2013 08:00
End Date: Sep 16, 2013 08:00
Time Zone: Australia/Sydney +10:00 AEST



Posted By: PeterPorker80

Confirmed Attendees: 4
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  1. As per the interest in this thread, I'm creating this event so people can confirm attendance (and accommodation can be booked).

    Route will be a variation of the following:

    Accommodation will be pub/motel/b&b. Once the route is nailed down, I'll call around and try to make bookings.​
    Start time and detailed schedule to follow...​

  2. I'm a starter even if it's my wifes birthday on the 14th. Might be costly though.;)

    Thankfully I saw the light years ago & don't ride a sports bike so i'll be able to enjoy a longish ride.
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  4. @Snapey Whoa. Sounds like you're playing with fire there!

    @BillyO Awesome. The more the merrier.
  5. Also, anyone have any intercoms? Would be sweet if we so happen to have the same brand (and could communicate). My one is Interphone.
  6. Im in just might not be able to get the Friday off work. I'll have to play catch up
  7. Have fun fellas (y) plan one for Oct and I'm in :)
  8. Just did almost that 3 days last week ! :)
    1. Abbotsford - up Putty to Singleton then Gloucester and on to Walcha. (7 hrs - all on back roads)
    2. Walcha to Wauchope (Oxley) then to Nambucca, Belligen, Armidale then back to Walcha (7.5 hrs)
    3. Walcha, Gloucester Singleton and Putty back to Abbotsford. (7 hrs)
    Awesome ride BUT>>>> I must mention the deterioration of some of the road surfaces. Particularly Thunderbolts Way. Lots of roadwork too.

    It was bloody cold in the early morning and then after 4 pm..... and the wind was gusting a lot too. Take your thermals.

    I would do it again and again and again.:D
    Have fun
  9. Awesome. 6 RSVPs as of now. I'll start googling for places and put up a list shortly.
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  11. I stayed at ozzie pozzie backpackers in port mac, was cheap and decent i think i spent 40 bucks for a single room, parking was off street and behind some shurbs so i was fine with it, left soft panniers on bike overnight.
  12. The Wauchope motel gets my vote. Last time I stayed there it was $80/room & perfect for two people. Far enough out of town to be quiet but an easy walk to civilisation. I think we'll be luck to get in there at this late stage.

    The Star hotel in the centre of town is a shocker & the 3.00am noise at closing time is something to behold. Bikes are totally unsecure being parked a long way from your room & next to the beer garden.

    I think Port Mac is too far out of the way if the ride map is to be adhered to. If people want to stay out of town then the Long Flat pub is a pretty basic option, especially if the Wauchope motel is booked out. Not sure but I think camping there is OK too.

    The Roundabout hotel/motel at Gloucester is ideal.
  13. @POPEYE - Where is your RSVP?!

    I'm pretty easy with accommodation so long as its reasonably clean... No camping on a trip like this for me though! Need to be well rested!
  14. The Wauchope & Roundabout Motels look ideal.
  15. its touch an go, they still haven't posted my damn radiator & can't find any 2nd hand ones in Sydney.

    put me down as tentative
  16. Okay. Wauchope motel is tentatively booked pending payment. It's $90 per twin share room so $45 pp. if this is okay, I'll private msg my bank details and you guys can pay me so we can secure the booking.

    The Gloucester place is booked out unfortunately. I'll google more places when I get home tonight. Flat out at work unfortunately!
  17. The Gloucester place is booked out unfortunately. I'll google more places when I get home tonight. Flat out at work unfortunately!

    Have stayed at Stroud pub....bit further down way....Basic pub accommo....biker friendly & fairly cheap
  18. they finally shipped my radiator, express supposed to get here in 5x days!

    unfortunately there's no chance i can install it time.

    so i am out for this one:(
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  19. I'm doing this ride this weekend! whoo hoo
  20. Waiting for your PM. Cheers