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[Sep 10, 2016] Standing Stones Wonder - Overnighter to Glen Innes, NSW (Nerang)

Discussion in 'QLD' at netrider.net.au started by Valvoline, Aug 21, 2016.

Standing Stones Wonder - Overnighter to Glen Innes, NSW
Start Date: Sep 10, 2016 07:00
End Date: Sep 12, 2016 07:00
Time Zone: Australia/Brisbane +10:00 AEST

Caffe Chinos
3/18 Ferry St
Nerang 4211

Posted By: Valvoline

Confirmed Attendees: 0
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  1. #1 Valvoline, Aug 21, 2016
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2016
    Hello NR peeps!

    I’m getting in early for possible expressions of interest for an overnighter to Glenn Innes (or thereabouts), NSW.
    Any rider welcome, from any state :)

    Departure place: Caffe Chinos, 3/18 Ferry Street, Nerang QLD 4211

    Departure Time: 7:30am DEPARTURE. If you want to have a coffee / breakky prior to that, come earlier.

    When: Saturday 10th September till Sunday 11th Sept.

    Accommodation – TBA Will vary from $45-$90 per person.

    1. Great Central Hotel Accommodation

    2. Great Fossicker Van Park 1 & 2 Bedroom Villas & Cabins at Fossicker Caravan Park Glen Innes NSW

    3. Glen haven Motor Inn Glen Innes Family Budget Room | Glen Haven Motor Inn

    Closer to the date I will be finalising the route – how convoluted and depending on experience as well as adventurous levels – if I can throw in some short gravel roads…. Whatever the case, I can guarantee you some roads you’ve never been on! However, this is a current rough guide:

    Trip to GI suggestion: https://www.google.com.au/maps/dir/...013!2d-28.0073365!1m0!1m0!1m0!1m0!1m0!1m0!3e0

    Return Trip suggestion:


    Trip Highlights: https://www.gleninnestourism.com/australian-standing-stones/

    If there is enough interest can maybe extend the trip to go see the National Transport Museum, which has a nice collection of bikes too. National Transport Museum - Home

    Alternatively too, for those nature lovers:

    Cranky Rock - Cranky Rock Nature Reserve | Warialda Attraction


    Balancing Rock

    Balancing Rock | Glen Innes Attraction
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  2. Sounds like a great weekend ValvolineValvoline. For what it's worth, when I rode the Drake to Woodenbong road through Bonalbo a couple of years ago it was bone rattling rough
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  3. Yep, I rode that on the CBR1000rr about 2 months ago. Absolutely shite bit of road. Wonderful scenery, the drop into Bonalbo is fun, all the bridges are brand new concrete(no wooden character), Yabbra forest is mossy slippery and trecherous.

    But, I suppose it won't be 5 degrees when you lot go through and may have more sun. But the surface is utter crap.


    Edit: I was moving at a fair clip though on a bike set up for the track. On a plush road bike or adventure style machine it would be fun. Wouldn't recommend dragging a noob or L plater along there with you though. The distance and concentration required might make it go pear shape.
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  4. Yep both gentlemen are correct - teeth rattling, but it's fun :cool: And yes scenic as. I doubt that there will be a noob along, but if there is I wouldn't subject them to that road! lol as I'm finding out I'm liking more and more the obscure tracks .... i'm going to need a sports tourer.... with short (very) suspension! ha!
  5. Just checked with the Great Central Hotel Accommodation and they have space :) Booked!
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  6. Have you got any takers yet?

    I can't go overnight as I have to coach my daughters football side in their GF on Sunday, but I might come halfway and peel off either at the Lions Rd is Woodenbong.

    Confirm a Tomorrow night. At the moment it went from 0% chance to about 19.0345%

  7. Lol No takers as yet, but it may be a good thing... 2 days ago a copped a sneeze-shower of someone sick at work and now I've come down with a cold. I'll assess by tomorrow arvo whether I'm actually going to go myself !
    Good on you for coaching :) !!

    If the overnight doesn't happen, I just realised there is a long weekend coming up - may swap it till then. And then just do a Sunday stroll in the mts this weekend depending on cold. Bummer.
  8. Ok, well if you don't go as planned, I am keen on a afternoon run. But I have to be home for Moto 3 practice :)

  9. Just worked out I am going to go for a blast up O'Rielly's Sat afternoon, it's been a while. Welcome to join me if you want. If you feel like crap there's a seat on the back, otherwise have a good weekend.

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  10. I went up O'Reilly's for the first time last week. Great ride until I stupidly tried the Duck Creek Rd descent. Ugly, ugly, ugly even though I came through unscathed.
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  11. Thanks groover, I'll see how I"m going - tomorrow I have to pick up my beastie with new tyres so I have to be good for that! lol I'll keep you posted.

    CormanusCormanus - holy cow I've heard that is not a road for road bikes... needless to say you're not doing that again? lol or did you have an offroad one?
  12. ValvolineValvoline It's very much a road bike. And I won't ever do it again. Even on an off road one.

    If I hadn't been so busy stopping to change my trousers, it probably would have been pretty scenic.
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  13. Right!! With those words of wisdom I won't try it on the 80/20 Tyres I'm gonna get soon... And here I was thinking 'they'll be enough'.

    Well congrats to you for being so adventurous!!! :D(y)
  14. CC, Count me in for the blast up O'reillys then! Gimme a hoy when exactly & if you don't mind company.
  15. Sorry to hear that there are no takers Valvoline. I would have loved to but just have too many things that must be done!
    I would be interested in a similar run closer to the end of the year however.
    If you are looking to set up another one like this in say November, let me know!
  16. i work on weekend that's sucks !
  17. I usually try to org an o/n once every 6-8 weeks. All year round.

    And most weekends at least one ride :)

    Keep eyes peeled!
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  18. Oh that sux madmaxxxmadmaxxx ! Sometimes I may do one during the week but they're infrequent.

    Alternatively I was going to org a couple of rides out to the natural arch at night to go see the glow worms since their breeding cycle is in summer and therefore they shine brighter then! :)
  19. sounds good can definitly organise the worm night soon
  20. I'll send you a message