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Sensitive Harley Rider

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 2wheelsagain, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. Found on another forum.
    Funny and sad at the same time.........

    A girl asked if I would ride her around a bit . OK , we mounted up , first thing was my headlight was all of a sudden pointed to the sky , had to use low beam only .

    Next , at low speed the bike was very squirrelly and once I got going , I was afraid to stop for fear of tipping over . So I rode all over town , avoiding any redlights and wouldn't you know it , I hit reserve . I figure I have maybe 1/2 gallon left so I headed back to her place .

    When I got stopped , sure enough , the bike started tipping . I yelled for her to get off so she threw a leg down just in time and kind of rolled off ; I was able to save the Harley , but the girl , with all that mass (must have had a gyro effect) , began to roll on the ground down the hill at her place, her arms and legs not touching the ground at all that I could see , and continued to roll about 125 feet , taking out several large shrubs and a couple of small trees along the way and came to a stop
    about 25 feet past the bottom of the hill .

    She complained of being dizzy and drunk from all the spinning her head did during her extended roll , but the trees and shrubs didn't hurt her apparantly .

    So I went home and the phone was ringing when I opened the door , and everybody in town (it seemed) called and said it looked like ass on wheels going by when I was riding the girl and wondered if I was OK .

    This morning I inspected the Harley and found no apparant damage , thank goodness .
  2. :? I don't really understand the funny, the sad, or the point of the story :?:

    Maybe its just me...
  3. Precious NR server disk space is now being wasted by that post.
  4. an atempt at a joke?

    im confused :?
  5. me thinks the girl was a big pillion - too heavy for the weedy harley rider
  6. Speaking of sensitive Harly Riders, where has DUHAST disappeared to???