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Sensible rider soon off P's - is a new CBR1000RR a bad idea?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by dspark, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. The 1000RR is the stupid option

  2. Ridden with respect, the 1000RR is as (un)safe as the 600RR

  1. I, (like toast) am in Canberra, currently on my Ps and, considering the new fireblade as an upgrade.

    I was originally set on the CBR600, but I sat on the 1kRR the other week and boy, it is nice.

    However, I have had a few people say to me that its crazy to go from a 250cc to a litre bike, let-alone one of the fastest supersports around.

    Keeping in mind, I am a very cautious rider, I would be interested in your opinion on whether the 1000RR is more dangerous for an inexperienced rider, compared with the 600RR.

  2. Only you know how sensible you are. As far as I know the 1k only goes as fast as you make it. I say if its something you really want, then go for it.
  3. If you use your brain and control your wrist then any 1000cc bike can be very easy to ride. However depending how good your riding skills are getting a 1000 straight from a 250 may slow your riding development a little. I've seen a lot of guys out at the cotter who have gone straight to 1000cc bikes and cant ride fast because they have never ridden a bike to teach them how. My 250 will keep up with 1000cc bikes with riders that have no idea in the twisties.

    When it comes down to it all its your money and your choice, if you like the 1000 then go for it, the new blades are suppose to be brilliant bikes.
  4. If you are cautious, lucky and don't make any gross mistakes you'll learn just fine, but I am not a betting man. I unashamedly voted stupid. The problem is the potential to get you into trouble is just so big with one of them. Just my take on it, but I rode a 250cc dirt bike on road for nearly 5 years before ever really spending much time on anything bigger.
  5. Buy it, you'll be fine if you're sensible.
  6. Re: Sensible rider soon off P's - is a new CBR1000RR a bad i

    It's not a supersport, it's a superbike, and it's not one of the fastest, it's the fastest. Its not crazy, but spend some real time learning what throttle control is all about before you try to ride it fast or get into situations where ingrained muscle memory could see you react less than ideally. They're not forgiving of hamfistedness, at all.
  7. If you're a sensible rider, why not get a sensible bike rather than something you'll never get the most out of?
  8. Step up through the 600. Really. Or at least be very very honest with yourself about your maturity as a rider. Many people claim they can control the right hand, that they're now immune to the red haze, I call bull. I finally bought my dream 'busa, thinking that after 10 years riding 650s and below that I was mature and I thought I could ride.

    Bwhahahaha... was I wrong. :LOL:

    A one litre 'blade is a hell of a beast, truly beyond the ability of the majority of riders (and definitely me). And then downside is it can get you into trouble so much faster. Heck, on a test ride in peak hour traffic on the M1 in Brisbane, I cracked the ton on the rear wheel without thinking twice.

    Not to mention the whole cornering and braking thing is so important. You'll learn more about being a smooth quick rider on a 600 than on a one litre bike. And after a tour of duty on a 600, you'll be ready for a one litre bike and it'll be so much more enjoyable because basic riding skills will be so much stronger. You'll be spending less time thinking about cornering, leaving more brain power for controlling the extra power.

    If you want the one litre bike, go for it, but why do you ride? For the joy and freedom of the bike, or for image? If it's the former, you really won't regret the 600.

    I still have my 650 which I still ride, and still carve up one litre wannabes on the mountains. :p
  9. I agree, get something you can thrash. Really thrash, full throttle out of corners. I'd challenge you to do that even on a 600, if you're riding it up in the revs. It's lots more fun than something you'll be scared of all day long, and I guarantee you'll go faster on something less intimidating.
  10. Don't you ride a 250cc?
  11. As the old motorcycling cliche goes, 'The throttle works both ways'. The Blade is not necessarily a stupid choice but from my perspective there are better ones.
    What kind of riding are you planning to do? If you want to take in track days, then the Blade is an awesome piece of kit. If you want to ride on the road where the top seller is the Toyota Corolla and ride at safe, licence preserving speeds then I think you'll find it frustrating and boring.
    Now I'm sure that some Blade owners could chime in here with 'I love my bike.' and its absurd to argue that they are wrong and in fact don't. It's just my view. The most fun I ever had on a bike was way, way back racing a Yamaha TA125 (24 claimed hp) in unlimited C grade.
  12. get what you want.
    the truth is, none of us really care what you do.
    All of us being keyboard warriors, we are going to criticize whatever choice you make, anyway.
  13. Thanks everyone for some useful advice, especially the comments about learning to ride/riding development.

    Most of my riding will be on the road, but I have booked in for a track day at Oran park... If all goes well no doubt I will be back. I'm fairly tall too so another thought was the blade might be more comfortable.

    For me it will be a trade off between :-
    + Buying "top of the line"
    + possible better riding position (+ my pillion might be happier)
    + Better resale value

    - Easier to get into a sticky situation
    - More expensive purchase + insurance
    - 2 biggest concerns -
    I ride for the enjoyment and the freedom - but I'm not going to kid myself - I also get a kick out of the "image" factor too!

    I will have to test ride both I guess. Counting down the days!

    toast - does this discussion make you reconsider?

    Cheers guys.
  14. If you get a kick out of the "image" factor, would you rather have a cbr1000rr with huge chicken strips because you are too scared of cranking it over or a 600rr with shredded tyres :p
  15. Go read some of the comments on these websites:

    Lots of people only ride their blades on the road, lots on the track as well. Lots of people have come from 600RRs and quite a few of them are women, too.

    The latest 1KRR gets a lot of qudos for being very road friendly, and in fact many people on these sites say that it is a far better bike on the road than the 600RR. Particularly the women, who say it is more stable, compliant, easier and with smoother delivery of power, which makes it a better bike for getting around town.

    My thoughts for myself is to use the next eight months (left until my license becomes unrestricted) to drill riding techniques into my body, Do a couple of advanced road riding courses and a dirt bike course.

    After getting the 1KRR I would like to hang on to my 250 and use it on the track. For me that would be Wakefield Park. The big bike would never see the track, just use it on the road (not having insurance on the track is a biatch, hey). Plus, the 250RR is such a sweet bike and plenty good for Wakefield.

    The new 1KRR has an excellent slipper clutch (only really useful for high speed deceleration though hey, so probably not needed on road that much), and this together with a bunch of other technologies makes it a very smooth ride. Throttle control is very smooth, which is want you want.

    Also, there is no reason why a rider has to stop learning on the 1KRR, which means we can continue to apply all the techniques learned on our 250s. Who cares about chicken strips? I think it might actually be easier to get rid of chicken strips on a larger bike anyway, because the tyres look to be less round (yeah, smaller width tyres of the 250s seem to have a more defined arch) so you shouldn't have to lean as much. Is this correct?

    If you said you wanted an R1, I would be asking why, as it is apparently very top heavy with the power and not a good bike for road (when compared to the 08 1KRR).

    If the 600RR had all the same things that the 1kRR had, I probably would go for that. But, it doesn't, so I won't.

    Plus, the 1KRR comes in yellow/black... which is the icing on the cake.

    In the end, you've gotta be honest about your riding. In eight months I'll have to decide if I should get it (for a whole host of reasons - initial cost, maintenence, tyres, insurance, practicality, state of my lower-back, etc).

    The other bike I've been interested in is the Suzuki GSX650F. Also, Honda are supposedly bringing out a new VFR (renamed RVF?) in the 1000 class, which might suit me better when all things are reconsidered in eight months.

    The VFR800 is a nice looking bike, but has a reputation for being a bit sluggish:

    This is supposed to be a picture of the RVF for 09:

    Honda needs to bring out something like the CBR in a more practical tourer/commuter package, but still a bike for supersport riders, IMO. Perhaps the RVF is it?
  16. I went from a 250 straight to the CBR1000 this year. It was cheaper than going for a 600 at the time due to the run out sales of the 2007 model (insurance cost between them was about the same 'cos I am old). Haven't regretted it at all. The brakes, the ride, the acceleration make an awesome experience. I'm 6 foot and it is a very comfortable fit. I use it to commute and have huge chicken strips (I guess a bit of sandpaper there could help with your image if that worries you?). In answer to your two concerns, you'll quite easily break any speed limit before you get scared of it. And braking on the CBR is many many times better than my 250, and I've never thought cornering was any worse.

    I might make myself a latte and stand out beside it for a while. All this talk has got me excited, and it's much too wet to actually ride :grin:
  17. i know a couple blokes who have upgraded from 250's straight to the 07 cbr1000rr's. both of them ride better on the cbr's because they're a better bike. 250's come with budget brakes, suspension, chassis, etc.

    i feel safer riding large capacity bikes, 600's, 750's, 1000's, etc. the power is great to get out of danger on the freeway (cant do that on a 250!), the brakes and suspension also help, be it day to day riding, or through the hills.

    i too am a big bloke, 195cm tall, and i dont really fit on any 250's, and most 600's are out of the question. i feel more at home on a 1000 due to physical size, not for any other reason.

    ride both, and see what you like.
  18. Prepared to be scared :p But you'll have a blast, and most importantly just go your own pace, don't be afraid to chill out when it's all going too fast. Faster riders will pass you safely, and there's always someone slower.

    "Tall" rides use all sorts of excuses. For the most part the Japanese bikes are fairly adjustable with a little extra spend, and can be made to fit most people easily.

    'tis a blade. There's no comfort for the pillion ;)

    Great to hear. Definitely ride both, and remember you ride. You've already established your nads are bigger than the huge majority of the population :p
  19. I ride an 07 Blade. but I've come from an FJR 1300, then the Blackbird...to the Blade.

    In your case...while you CAN learn to ride the Blade if you take your time, I defy anyone to ALWAYS be in full control of their right wrist...Ya see...you know you have heaps of power...gazoodles of it!....it won't be long before the urge overtakes you and you start to test it out. Hopefully, that won't be beyond your skill level, but if it is, and it usually is, it WILL bite you in the arse.

    I believe the new 600rr handles better, corners better, and is actually more comfortable overall, and while it has a very satisfying amount of power, you do need to try a little harder to do anything really stupid and get beyond your ability. THAT fact makes it a bit safer and easier for riders coming off smaller bikes, even though it is still very easy to get into the "make a mistake and die" range of riding.

    Make no mistake...the 600rr IMHO, is probably the best sportsbike built to date by anyone...all it lacks is the outright brute force of the Blade. And it's one hell of a FUN bike! :grin: :grin:

    BTW...pillioning on either bike for anything other than 1 hr shortish trips is a bastard for the pillion, unless they truelly know what they are doing.
    You don't want a pillion on these bikes...you want a co-rider. Seriously!

    EDIT:...I should also have mentioned that the 600rr is substantially lighter than the Blade...something that helps greatly in the transition from the smaller bikes. If you go to look at them in the shop, stand on the side-stand side of the bike and pull them both up onto the stand. (balancing)...you'll be very surpised at the difference!!. :shock: :LOL:

  20. As a tall rider, I found the '07 1000RR frighteningly comfortable for legroom and riding posture. (Yes, I'm a 'fraidycat when it comes to RR bikes, and my height has historically been a great way to skirt around that issue :p :LOL: )

    I find all the other 1000cc race-replica bikes to be cramped by comparison. Phenominal cosmic power - iddy biddy rider space!

    But the 600RR is pretty similar for space, I found. VFR800 is even nicer, though it's a 'soft' sports-tourer and maybe not your thing.

    I suppose my point is... you don't need to go for huge-displacement to get a comfortable rider position.