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Sensible Bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by DisgruntledDog, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. I currently ride a GS500F and I'm due to come off my restrictions in early January.

    In the 12 months since my learners I've been working on my riding skills. Lots of deliberate practice and the HART Intermediate course.

    For nearly 12 months, I've been researching a replacement for the GS500. While I love the Suzuki, it was never going to be a long term relationship.

    As I do most of my riding at 100kph or more and have more than an hour ride to the city, I've been looking at Sport Tourers. Something that's comfortable to ride, has a bit of protection from the cold Lancefield winters and likes the twisties too.

    After reading a number of reviews and comparisons, I had my heart set on either the BMW800 ST or the Honda VFR800.

    I then discovered the Suzuki Wee-Strom 650. I thought that now there is a good sensible bike for me as I live on a dirt road and have to ride 2ks on dirt to get to the black stuff.

    I started reading a 15 page thread on the stromtroopers forums comparing the Wee Strom and the Vee Strom (1000cc). While the thread was far from conclusive, I kept thinking that, the extra power would be fun.

    So, I started looking at the Vee-Strom and it's competitors which brought me to the Yamaha TDM 900. Both look a bit odd but appear to be great bikes.

    I then looked again at the Triumph Sprint ST, which I flirted with months ago but decided that it wasn't a sensible bike for me. I met a bloke while leaving the MCG a few weeks ago who was riding one. I just love the look of that bike. Everything I've read says it's a great bike.


    So, the question is, can I get away with the Sprint ST as a 'Sensible Bike' even though it has more power than I need, it's more expensive than the Wee-Strom?
  2. I dunno, but it sure looks pretty.
  3. The Sprint is the thinking man's bike. You'll LOVE it.
  4. An acquantaince of mine has a Sprint ST, and he swears by it. I think it would be perfect for what you need! It's what I would have gotten if I was sensible.
  5. I took one for a run (it was the 955) and i loved the feel of it. The engine is superb!

    My only thought was its a pretty heavy bike, which when touring isn't a problem, but around town I'd like something a bit easier to move around.

    I'd say the TDM would be a good one to check out too. not quite as much oomph, but great for the open road, very upright with great visibility - and being as tall as they are, you get noticed by cagers...
  6. The 1000cc V-Strom will disappoint; I know a guy who did all the research, bought one, and sold it in a week!

    The Triumph will never disapooint; you may buy 20 more bikes in the rest of your life, but whatever you buy, you'll keep the Triumph.
  7. The Sprint isn't powerful in a way that makes it hard to ride, though it depends somewhat on what you're used to. So it will feel a lot stronger than the GS, with power delivery that is similarly friendly, but with more of it.

    There's good predictable urge everywhere, and it's not like it suddenly turns into a wheelstanding monster when it hits a certain rpm.

    A very good and versatile bike.
  8. In terms of bikes which are a good step up from learner size.. I've ridden a 1050 and because the torque comes in from low rpm and stays flat the whole way across the rev range, you get up to speed deceptively fast as you dont feel it. When I rode one I kept finding myself on the reddline and shifting into the next gear. It'll make a hoon of you thats for sure, really really fun bikes - just be wary that its nature results in you up at speeds you weren't prepared for, quite quickly. Just something to be aware of if you go that way =D
  9. Heart needs to win out over head when it comes to motorcycling.

    You may think that the Sprint has more power than you need at the moment, but after several weeks of owning one you won't. ;)
  10. I have an '07 Sprint. It's really a great bike as a "Sports Tourer". It doesn't particularly like really long straight roads (or maybe it's me that doesn't like them) and it's not an ideal "trip to the milk bar" commuter. However, it will handle both easily.

    It's just that it's not a Goldwing or a scooter. It wants to be in the hills travelling to some place 300 - 400km away, like a ride from Lancefield to Noojee, through the back roads and back. Or something a bit further, like:


    If you like to travel long distances through twisties with a few straight roads thrown in, carrying some gear, that's it's domain.

    As far as power goes, it's far from scary power and won't flip you off the back unless you want it to. There's plenty of it but it's "nice" power.

    It's a sensible bike, but one that allows you to let your hair down, if you have any.
  11. Thanks all. You people were easy to convince. Now I just have to work on the wife. :)

    I went up to the Bendigo motorcycle expo to have a touch and feel of one but alas, they only had a Tiger there. There is a Triumph dealer in Bendigo, which I stopped by just as they were closing. They had a Sprint there which I was able to sit on. I think I'm in love. My Dog it's a beautiful bike. At $16K on the road, it's more than I want to spend but hey it's only money and I'll forget how much I paid for it once I ride it out the door.

    Now I've just got 3 months of being nice to my wife.
  12. If she reads this it'll go up to 6 months, at least :rofl:
  13. 'sensible bike' is in itself an oxymoron.
    motorcycles are not sensible.
    wives can be sensible at times though and that can be a problem ...but come on, she's a woman...what would she know about bikes anyway...can't you just tell her it's got a 5 star crash safety rating, side curtain airbags or some crap...i'm not trying to egg you on to stand up to her or anything, because i'm sure you would'nt dare try that on *cough* owned...but just, y'know, spin her a few white lies...
  14. Are they still doing the free panniers thingy?
  15. Yup. Panniers are included. I'll probably get heated grips 'coz I'm a pansy.
  16. Everyone's already covered the Sprint, but yeah... The 1050cc's torque curve is f l a t, very managable and predictable so long as you don't do anything stupid. (Snap the throttle open like an idiot and it'll do exactly what you asked it to)

    I definitely agree with flinders_72, too - The Tiger and Sprint are wasted doing grocery-getting and whatnot. They can do it just fine, but it's a job that doesn't need 125hp, it's a job much better suited to a little commuter bike.

    For me, the 1050cc sports-tourers excel at long-distance twisty hunting, sports touring in the most literal sense of the term. That's where the Tiger and Sprint really 'gel' for me. That's where they suddenly makes sense.
  17. But with panniers thrown in, he WILL be able to do the grocery-getting :LOL:.
  18. and maybe a 400k round trip to seal the deal :)
  19. I sure the groceries are cheaper in Sydney.
  20. Enough talk. GET THE TRUMPY!