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Sennheiser CX-300 (headphones, review)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ginji, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. Right, I got myself a pair of these for $75 from JB Hi-Fi and I love em.

    They replaced my old Sennheiser MX-30's which have worn out with a little over 2 years of near daily use.

    The CX-300 aren't ear buds, they're canalphones. They sit a little bit further in, in the entrance to your ear canal, and that has it's advantages.

    The first and foremost is that has the sound re-production is happening closer to your ear drum, you don't have to have the volume up as loud. Which means more time listening to your favourite MP3's on the road.

    The next one is that because your blocking your ear canal with the 'phone you get sound isolation! With the 'phones in and me screaming down the highway at over the speed limit, the wind is nothing more then a muted whisper. (I wear a KBC VR-1 Euro for reference...). With music playing, you have to listen carefully in order to hear the wind in the background. The sound isolation also means you can have the volume lower and still hear the music very clearly.

    The third advantage is (and again, it's because of the differences between a normal ear bud and a canalphone...) that as the 'phone sits further in your ear, it's much more difficult to dislodge or move when putting on and taking off your helmet. These are much more comfortable then my old buds and I can easily see myself wearing em comfortably for an entire day. I don't notice em in my ears and they don't push uncomfortably against anything.

    The final advantage is that the cord is thin, flexible and soft. You don't notice it and it doesn't pull when doing head checks.

    All that said, the sound isolation can work against them. In city traffic you need to be more aware of what is going around you and the 'phones can impair that. But if you're used to riding with music playing and can make up for the loss in hearing by other means, then these are a great thing!

    As for the quality of the sound, these are the premium Sennheiser earbuds/canalphones and the quality is great, far better then the others in the same sort of price range.

    These would have to be, hands down, the best 'phones I've had under the helmet. Highly recommended!
  2. There has been many many review/comparisons I have seen of the CX-300s and creative ep-630 or whatever, exact same earplugs except rebranded so it seems, the creative ones are around $30, 50% of the cost of the sennheiser ones :)

    i.e here (and there are some more threads floating about here easily found via searching that shows the comparison :) )
  3. yea, i had a quick look around for the creative's, but i couldn't find em, so i went with what i knew would be good

  4. Ahhh, hope you enjoy them, it's what really counts! :) Having (better) sound when you listen to music makes it that much better hey :grin:
  5. I have the creative's and they are excellent, they do appear to be identical just re-branded, at 50% the cost.
  6. For those who are after a bit more isolation, better fit and better sound quality (for when your not on the bike!) i suggest checking out the Shure E2's. Great build quality & easy comfy fit under a helmet.

    The downside is that they're ~$135.
  7. Is that a good price? I paid around $80 for a set of Sony "canal" phones, I think they are. Look more like earplugs than the round earphones that seem to come with mobile phones, Ipods, etc.. But that was three years ago. Then someone told me last week that Kmart has something similar for $10...

    Don't s'pose you can get noise cancelling ones, can you?

    What, do they make the music play faster or something...?

    Or do you ride slower?

    My Sony's cords dug into my earlobes when I put my helmet on. They also tended to be dragged out. Once I was able to get them to stay in properly I found that wind noise, etc. was still as loud, compared to wearing proper earplugs.

    Do you have a link to these Sennheisers?

  8. No, if you have the volume lower, you use less battery and hence the player can play for longer

    The best deal I could find for the CX-300 was at headphones.com.au for $71 delivered. I didn't mind paying a little bit more as my old ones where about to fall apart and I didn't want to wait.

  9. :LOL:
    The difference for the average hard disk driven ipod/media player will be about 15 minutes between maximum and minimum volume settings. Headphones, especially bud earphones use 3/5's of SFA power. Even my iRiver H120 driving Sennheiser HD555's i don't notice any difference in battery life compared to using Shure E2's.
  10. I bought a pair of the CX300s today.

    After seeing this thread last night I realised I had a voucher from my 21st that I hadn't spent at JB Hifi...so off I went today.

    Paid $65

    I haven't really had a chance to use them that much...listening to them now on the ipod.

    Really impressed with the sound quality, especially the bass reproduction.

    I also have a pair of Bang & Olufsen headphones, and would say these outperform the B&Os (maybe not in the highs...but overall, very nice)

    Its weird getting use to actually 'stuffing' something in your ear, but after you get after that they are really comfortable and natural feeling.

    I will use them on the bike tomorrow, sure they will be great.

    Bang for Buck, they are brilliant. I paid around $240 for the B&Os....

  11. I can see how using a voucher to get these for free is great bang for buck :LOL: But getting _the exact same_ (from what it appears) earplug from creative for about over 50% cheaper would have to be even better bang for buck if you had to pay for any :grin:
  12. I'll tell ya what undii, if i see a pair of the creative's around, i'll buy em and compare em properly for you.
  13. Very true...

    Haven't seen/listened to the creatives, so can't say.
  14. I have a pair of CX300's... best set of 'budget' phones I've ever used.
  15. My ipod earplugs are about t die, and are crap quality anyway, I'll try to hunt down some of the creative ones.
  16. try DSE, they apparently stock em.
  17. got myself a pair of those cx300's a over a year ago- Love them!!
  18. Yep, identical to my Sony ear canal phones. And about the same price too. While comfortable, they don't do anything for wind noise or normal helmet noise as I found out with mine.
  19. Bought some on the way to uni today. Have only used them once, and I'm pretty sure I didn't have them in properly as I wasn't getting proper sound from the left side. I put them in properly just before going into work and they were awesome. Heres hoping I can put them in properly with the helmet. Should be fine. Sound quality is much better than ipod ones by soo far.