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Senna with $2 helmet

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pringa8, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. Noticed this bloke passing me today, had this spectacular Ducati Senna model, wearing one of those 60s cr@p @rse helmets, didn't even have a visor!

    Why would you spend so much on your bike, and zero on your helmet??? Apparently he's got a few nice bikes aswell so it's not like he's short on the cash! RETARD! or soon will be! :shock:

  2. Don't assume every rider is an accident waiting to happen :wink:

    And no doubt he doesn't care what you think :p
  3. Im with Toecutter, too many people here judge. He's probably very experianced.
  4. Probably likes the sound of his Ducati too much to go wrapping his noggin up in cotton wool.
  5. Did it have an AS1968 sticker??
  6. If I had just bought a Senna I wouldn't have enough cash left for a decent helmet either.. :grin:
  7. Maybe he bonded with his bike to such extent that he doesn't wish to outlive it? :)

    But really, who cares? He had a helmet and if you don't think the helmet was up to your standards... well, it wasn't on your head, was it?
  8. What a moronic thing to say.
  9. I hear what your saying GShundy, probably not put in the best way though. I don't like any open face helmets, I particularly hate those german storm strooper helmets you see some Harley "tough guys" wearing, but wearing one doesn't make you retarded. The damge that could be done to your head when you have an accident might though.....
  10. Who cares hundy. He doesn't need mummy to dress him in the morning.
  11. How do you know it was from the 1960s? It could be brand.... If it complies with the law I see no problem, its his head.
  12. There's nothing even the most experienced rider can do to inevitably avoid an unexperienced driver. :)
  13. some people feel Claustrophobia in closed helmets
  14. At last, the evidence;

  15. the gimp goes riding? or insane steampunk?
  16. I suppose I do agree with GS5hundy in a way, just wouldnt have put it his way. Im not one of the people who buys leathers to match the bike, or other way round, but I think a sportsbike rider shoud wear the appropriate gear. We wont start the Open face helmet debate.
    Then again, its up to him. Maybe he thinks he looks good. Maybe he is clostrophobic. Maybe he likes the sound of his thumping lump. Maybe its his favourate helmet. We dont know the guy, or what he's thinking, but in the end, If youre riding a bike like a Senna, then you could be bare-ass naked and hairy, and I wouldnt care, becouse I would be lookikng at the bike instead.
  17. That dude needs to be SHOT DEAD.................

    ...for wearing that shirt! :LOL:
  18. I found his brother! :LOL:

  19. You couldnt find something interesting to start a thread about so thought this
    would do? :roll:


    Bought a vest on eBay today to chuck some patches onto & my next helmet
    will be an $89 open face helmet WITH NO VISOR. :p

    If its as much of an issue as your OP makes out to be, or it makes me a retard,
    come & see me. I'll soon have you thinking different. :wink:


  20. Why is everyone assuming I'm talking about an open face helmet??

    It looked like the Barry Sheen special, after it was involved in about 50 thowsand accidents. I think it used to be red but there was so many scratches and scarring on the helmet you could barely tell.

    The point i was trying to make before everyone started jumping up and down was why would someone use a clearly defective helmet when they've got a fair bit of cash on their side.