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'Seniors' race meeting at Broadford this w/end.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, I am racing at Broadford this Sat & Sun at the over 45's race meeting, I am going up alone, I was wondering if anyone was interested in coming up to keep me company? It won't be too exciting with a lot of old timers running around on their old barges but it could be interesting to see how a low-key meeting runs.

    Come and see how old men can be as stupid & immature as young men :LOL: I even bought a new tube of Deep-Heat for the event :LOL:
  2. Mr O, you will know most pax there. Though I do know some people who swear that you are under 30, Maybe I will bring up lunch.
  3. Don't rub "deep heat" on your willy.
    Can come on Sunday. Does this suit?
  4. Nah done that before :shock: :grin:
  5. Don't want to put you out Rog, you will have a busy weekend next (Sue too).
  6. My footy team is not in the finals. Not much else on.
  7. I now have something planned for the weekend.......see you there :)
  8. Cool Dave, it'll be good to see ya :grin:
  9. Johnny, this is the first Sunday I've had free for 7 weekends; I wish I lived closer :(.
  10. Fly down by Air-CB :wink:

    There'll be lots of old farts bringing out their immaculately prepared classic bikes too :wink:
  11. Have you been expelled from Church, Paul?
  12. Are there any other Netriders racing?
  13. Don't think so Johnny O. We are way too old for these blokes around here. Seeya Sunday.
  14. Went up today to have a quick look before going home via Yea.

    Great to see JO out on the track again. Great day for it. Fingers x'd for next weekend!
  15. It was good to see the half dozen motorcycle forum'ers that rode out to the track today. Thanks heaps Jafu for your help & company.
  16. How did you and your bike go today?
  17. Ah not very good, I guess I am happy that I didn't crash or blow-up, I holeshot every race but finished 2nd, 3rd, 2nd & 4th in the races today.

    Chris Ognenis won everything, on the first lap, while I was leading, he would pull up next to me on the back straight, look at me, then blast off into the distance... it is one fast GSXR1000K7. I got nailed by an FZ1S in two races, that surprised me. The track was real dirty all the way around; a sidecar had a loose oilfilter on Friday and spread oil for a full lap! There was piles of cement dust to try help with traction but it seemed that excess made things worse; hence lap times were down, Chris was doing 61's and I was losing about a second a lap to him.
  18. OK. What tyres did you have in?
  19. I had a new front 125/80 front Dunlop slick and one of your Michy rears, I obviously did not work up to a fast pace as I didn't have one slide all day, I guess I know I can push it harder tomorrow. Thanks again for those tyres, I really appreciate it.
  20. Pleasure, mate. You should get 58s, but all that oil is a worry.