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N/A | National Senator David Leyonhjelm thanks motorcyclists

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by tony749, Sep 16, 2015.

  1. Yesterday in the senate, Liberal Democrats Senator David Leyonhjelm delivered a speech on motorcycling

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  3. This bloke seems like a proper politician.
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  4. He is an interesting guy, I would hope he can influence motorcycle policy in the longer term. Policies to encourage motorcycle sales and use such as reduced registration costs, reduced tariffs and duties on bikes an d bike gear etc could go a long way to increasing bike usage.

    His party though are free marketeers so the other side of the coin in their policy is the sale of all public assets including the ABC and SBS. Winding back the welfare and public health system in favour of a USA type insurance scheme etc,
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  5. Ah. Always a catch.
    I'm no Commie, but we need a balance of socialist and capitalist/free market policy, not a 'either/or' approach.
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  6. He has no delusions of implementing his policies. Whilst they are ideologically coherent and reasonably practical they would be very difficult to sell. Smart move to focus on a smaller issue that he can get some real progress on. Similar to the Greens focusing on stopping sustainable hydro energy in Tas -- one small topic is easier to win.
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  7. He rides a decent "1000cc rocket ship", gotta wonder if he got pulled over by the popo recently for weaving through traffic, since he already said that he does that. Either way, hats off to a polly that actually rides a bike, never thought I'd see the day.
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  8. A few pollies and ex pollies ride.

    Brendan Nelson a former leader of the Libs (but not the most recent former leader of the Libs) not only rode but also wrote occasionally for Australian Road Rider.
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  9. When he was defence minister he implemented advanced motorcycle training courses for service personnel. It resulted in less injury and death among riders in the services. That was an example of a good policy decision related to motorcycles.
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  10. He's still a c.u.n.t
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  11. I've thought of Leyonhjelm as a bit of a nutter. At the very least he's way too old to be a libertarian, which is an inherently adolescent political philosophy (as is any that builds its whole erection on a single principle, where politics obviously must be a balancing art). Anyone who doubts the immaturity of libertarians should try working in tech.

    But I like his letter, and there is indeed something slightly libertarian about motorcycle riding, and yes a bit adolescent too, which doesn't in this context seem like such a bad thing. So I'm confused and inconsistent, yet again. So it goes.
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  12. I have a few mates who reckon he and his party and they way to go. That was until they read the LDP's policies on Health, Education and social services.
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  13. He sided with the government on education policies and a few other social services that Scabbott had intended to cut, to me that is the act of a dog. Fukkim.
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  14. What is Ricky Muir's stance on motorcycling?
  15. Yes some of it is OUT THERE,but I like a few independent nutters to balance out the career Law Graduate never had a real job professional Pollys that 98% in the parliament are. And don't the latter hate the former,makes there job harder and that's also a good thing.
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  16. Just in case any of you are interested here's a link to the LDP Web page and some 'highlights'. Sure they have some great policies - but here's the downsides as I see them.

    The Liberal Democrats will:

    • Abolish Medicare, the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and funding for public hospitals, which will be transferred to non-government ownership.
    The Liberal Democrats will deregulate and privatise higher education, while retaining loans for tuition fees.

    The LDP would:

    • Abolish the ban on low paid work, referred to as the minimum wage.
    • Abolish minimum employment conditions, referred to as the national employment standards (while retaining occupational health and safety rules).
    • Abolish minimum wages and conditions for employment in certain industries and occupations, referred to as awards.
    • Remove ‘unfair dismissal’ restrictions (while retaining sexual harassment rules), and remove rules preventing dismissal of employees for failing to carry out their duties.
    • Allow individuals to be represented by a union provided membership is voluntary.
    • Remove restrictions on negotiating employment contracts, including obligations to negotiate with unions and restrictions on agreements between employers and individual employees.
    • Remove industrial relations provisions restricting how employers carry out their business, including requirements for union entry onto premises.
    • Remove restrictions on workers operating as independent contractors if that is what they prefer.
    The LDP supports:

    • Progressive withdrawal of governments from the provision of education.

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  17. I thought you were going to post the controversial stuff, this all looks like common sense to me. Although the PBS does lower the street price of certain "medications".
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  18. So you're in favour of the privatisation of our health and education systems? Fair enough.
  19. As far as I am concerned we have a good mix of support and market type systems here. Not keen on the US model,
    even there welfare system is nuts compared to us.They do to much in some areas of welfare and nothing in others. 100% market lead is to ugly for me and zero government support is as well.I do like his concept of Government keeping out of my personal life though.
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