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Sena SMH10 vs Scala G9

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by tommytee, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. Hey guys,
    This morning I was almost about to buy the Scala g9.
    But I held myself back, to ask you guys which you think is better and more commonly used from riders in groups.
    Seeing as I'm riding more andore with other random riders. I would just like to ask you guys which one is more common.
    Thanks guys,
    Ride safe.

  2. Helmet comms aren't that common, but I think I see slightly more Scala Riders than Sena's out on the roads.
  3. I like the Sena, it's what I own... the next FW update brings cross brand compatibility, so it doesn't really matter anymore.

    Also note that talking with other riders isn't as simple as pulling up and saying hello, the Com's need to be paired, and there are limitations as to how many units each device can pair with and pairing isn't a simple on the fly task.
  4. I got a Nolan N43 Trilogy helmet recently, and it's N-Comm ready. They seem like a good system too. But from what I've read, the Sena might be the better way to go. I'd use it mostly for GPS directions and music though.
  5. The scala rider G4 (or better) has a random call mode. Press the A key twice and it rings any compatible scala rider within receiving distance. Don't know whether this feature is available on other brands.
  6. I love my Sena. I don't ride with randoms..many of my close friends have Senas too. On the last Snowys trip I was paired with two close friends and one of them's 10 year old daughter who was pillion. Great stuff. I can re-pair easily, although need to be doing it at same time as person I'm pairing with.

    I love the fact it's so easy to use with gloves - one button and one jog dial
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  7. Dont mean to dig up a old thread but just wondering what did you go with? Been looking at the Sena SMH10 seen reviews on that new FW.
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  8. Thanks for the heads up I'll wait till I see some sort of review on those
  9. I went Sena and OMFg its incredible! redefined my riding. Phone and moosic all at hand & no need to mention how awesome and safer to talk to the group while riding,,,,, and even sharing music between everyone!
  10. Sena for me, jog dial design is ingenious and great with gloves. Sound level is very good and upgradeable to larger speakers. I wear ear plugs and even have to turn my music down sometimes! Fully tested on an interstate ride with friends and it was rock solid. Just make sure you get the right kit, there is a boom mic version for open face helmets and a full face kit with a wired mic for full face helmets.
  11. I've had no experience with the Scala G9. I've got the SMH-10. Fantastic bit of device. There's only two drawbacks to the design IMO. Firstly the battery is not user replaceable. The other drawback is that the speakers are hard wired to the helmet clamp. You can purchase a seperate helmet clamp (around $60 I believe) that allows you to use earplugs however.

    Both of these issues aren't major - but if they were going to improve on the Sena, these are the only two areas I could think that they could.
  12. Scala rider Q1. Phone, radio, intercom, all at a ridiculous price. If you want intercom, upgrade to Q3 for only a few dollars more. None of them can touch these models on a price/features basis, plus they give you the option of two different microphones, and speakers or earbuds out of the box. Extra cost options for all others.
  13. I've got no experience with Scala. I own a SMH10 for 2 years now and I love it. I've upgraded the firmware 3-4 times now - now at 5.1. It is very convenient, except perhaps that it gives my SO a direct line into my brain (either through intercom if she's with me or phone if she's not! :) ) while I ride!!!
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