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Sena S20

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by 16S1000R, Oct 8, 2016.

  1. I just had my 20S replaced under warranty. I'd had it about 10 months and during that time I had a number of lock ups, microphones dying and just general unhappiness with the performance of the thing.

    It seems my intermittent issues are solved with the replacement BUT I still can't be doing it right. I use a Kabuto Aeroblade III helmet, which I understand is ok as far as wind noise goes. But anything over 80 kph and I cannot hear the damn Sena for all the tea in China! Whether it's music, or intercom with another rider it's bloody useless on the highway. I do use ear plugs (the industrial orange foam types) and I understand that may account for a lot of my problems, but I've tried without them and the wind noise just blows the sound away anyway.

    Is it just me? I see people raving about these things and I'm not happy. At 60 kph it's a breeze....literally. But anything over 80 and I can forget it.

  2. I use the same foam ear buds and have my speakers mounted with the padding removed. Used the larger backing to pad it out. This meant intercom is ok, radio is ok, phone calls are ok, map directions ok but I'll be buggered... music from the iPhone is half volume if everything else... sucks big time!
  3. Happiness is a relative thing... and "quality" is very subjective when it comes to music. I think most of the guys who are happy with in helmet comms are riding at lower speeds around town etc. The fitment makes a huge difference in the sound volume, be prepared to get nasty with your helmet and a hot melt glue gun. I've fitted SM10h's to a few helmets and usually remove the glued in foam part and sculpt an area and a canal aimed at the ear. Similar story with you though, they're not much use at over 80, particularly if wearing plugs which i usually am on longer rides.

    If you like music the only way to go is earphones, the type that seal in your ear with squishy foam plugs. I've had a few pairs of the higher dollar $500+ types, but best sound and best value for money for me was atrio m5/m8 earpods which go for about $200 from memory. I get 2-3 years out of a pair and use them pretty regular. I use them with the squashy earplug type fittings off shure earpads. They give just as much sound isolation as riding with earplugs, so if no music is playing you've got quiet. You can play your music source at low volume at highway speeds and hear everything. No need to crank it up, really very good audio for considering the environment. Speakers are never going to cut it while riding.
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  4. I found with my sena that if you have the speakers slightly out of alignment with your ears then you can say bye bye to most of the volume level. I ended up trying the speakers in various locations until I found the optimum placement for them. I also wear ear plugs but not the foam ones so that will be different from your experience.

    Just recently too there was a firmware upgrade which fixed some volume issues when multitasking the audio so try doing an upgrade if the unit has the old firmware.
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  5. Make sure the volume is turned up on your phone as well as the Sena.

    Agree with the post about having the speakers aligned over your ears properly.

    I use a SMH10 (still selling batteries, folks :) ), and I usually have the volume on full, but it's good volume. I notice a marked reduction in volume when my foam earplugs are brand new, but otherwise all good.

    The intro to "Angry Young Man" (Billy Joel), still blows my ears into next week.
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  7. I use the Shure SE215 IEM which go for about $150. Same thing as you say with the squishy foam tips. Over the last few months I've been making the tips from yellow industrial earplugs with good results.

    Though I've just ordered a set of these......

    NoiseGuard Moto Dual – Noiseguard Moto

    I'd love to get a Sena unit to plug the headphones into, but the lack of APTX or any decent alternative in the Bluetooth codec is unacceptable.
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