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Sena Prism and Sena 20s

Discussion in 'Electronics' at netrider.net.au started by livewildcard, Aug 26, 2015.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm a newbie here however thought I'd post up something about a recent purchase I made.

    I ordered a SENA Prism action camera and a SENA 20s bluetooth unit.

    SENA PRISM - $389 - AdventureCamsHQ

    The main decision for choosing the Prism over a go pro was it's ability to record via the bluetooth directly onto the video. This appealed a lot more as I wanted to start doing some motovlogs so this was appealing. The GoPro, you can order a SENA bluetooth packpack which will do exactly the same thing but I liked rather than two devices just having the single. The GoPro does have a wider field of few so does make you "look like you are going faster" and get more in but that was small on my list of pro's and con's.

    Comes with a great assortment of attachments, waterproof housing and all cables and accessories you need. The only thing you need to do is put in a good quality micro SD card (Class 10) and you are up and running. I ordered the full pack and not the LITE version which is also available.

    I recommend to download the latest firmware when you get it and the device manager is simple and easy to use and can be downloaded from the SENA website. Going through the menu's, linking to the bluetooth unit was a breeze. There are videos, documents, tutorials all on the SENA website. PRISM - Sena

    I also like the flashing recording light to let you know you are on and I also like the fact that you can download the iphone APP and change the settings from there.

    I don't like the fact you can't view your recordings/preview them however I have heard SENA are working on a fix for that to be able to do it via Bluetooth. The GoPro therefore wins that battle.

    I went for a 30min ride and filmed the entire thing and came home it was 2.4gig of raw data.

    The design is simple, easy it is a really well built product and having used GOpro and other action cams it really is up there with the best. The choice between GoPro and SENA would be a personal one but for me as said the decision was made easy by having only 1 device and recording audio straight over the top of your video and cutting down on editing time.

    SENA 20S - $558 - Motorcycle Race Gear

    The reason I chose the Sena 20's - and the dual pack - was that I sometimes ride in a group and this intercom function would be ideal. It was also the perfect fit with the SENA Prism. I liked the design, that it was using the latest Bluetooth 4.1.

    Again downloading the latest firmware ensures you are up to date with all the functions.

    The audio cues of when things connect, disconnect are perfect and great to let you know when you stop/start recording etc.

    You can listen to your music, take and make calls on your phone, listen to GPS directions and of course play audio onto the SENA Prism.

    Getting used to the JOG dial which is a windy little wheel on the side can take some getting used to but audio quality etc is fantastic. Mic functions are great and are as clear as anything I have used in the past.

    Again SENA supply everything in the box, all sorts of accessories including different MIC types, chargers, pads etc.

    20S - Sena

    Overall as a package I am really impressed by both devices. Setup was a breeze, anything you need is on their website with manuals, videos, pictures etc.

    I am currently editing a bit of a video of my first ride of the new Street Triple R I purchased which was made using both products. I will post that up over next few days so people have an idea but I wanted to write this up first.


    GoPro's have a fantastic market share and so they should. Their devices are simple and do a fantastic job. SENA have really stepped up to the mark with their products and they are just as simple and easy to use and the built quality really is fantastic, quality of audio and video is great. There are some minor issues like not being able to preview video from the Prism however some of its other features such as recording audio straight over the top of video makes it a fantastic option for people looking to get into motovlogs.

    Cheers guys and happy riding.
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  3. Hi Jse81, I did look at it but I also have some other applications that I just wanted the video portion for. Having to unhook it all from my helmet, microphone, headset etc just to go record was going to be a pain (yes it is just a micro USB cable but still). With my way I can unhook the camera and go put it on a quad, boat, other motorcycle with relatively greater ease. Also if I want handlebar shots I could simply move and mount it on that.

    I've heard the video quality on 10C is excellent but perhaps slightly not as good as the Prism by itself. I haven't actually seen this tested though.

    I also heard the 10c dial wheel is heaps smaller than the 20S and I have big fat hands inside gloves = small wheels I'm sure I would get angry at. But again haven't seen this in action.

    I also liked option to do video only on prism and not run out of batter of the intercom as they are obviously separate and have separate batteries.

    The good thing about 10C is that it is small and compact so you kind of don't have the risk of being spotted with lots of mounts on your helmet (if all this nonsense about camera attachments is true). I might one day buy one of these for my other helmet just for riding, keep the other Sena 20s on my helmet and keep the PRISM as the movable camera.

    They were my reasoning however I should have probably mentioned that as an alternative as well - SENA are making great products at the moment.
  4. I have both the 10C and the Prism and there is not much difference in video quality between the two. Issue I have with the Prism is that audio occasionally drops out. This might be a Bluetooth issue. I also find that the 10C audio is generally better. Prism has the advantage that it can be mounted in places other than your helmet. If you just want a helmet cam and a communications system, then the 10C is pretty good value at $410-430 compared to the Prism at about $450 and the 20S at about $310.
  5. Can anyone tell me if the Sena Prism helmet mount would accept a camera with the standard tripod screw? I have a Drift stealth 2 but would like to use the Sena helmet mount which looks more secure.
  6. The secure helmet mount includes only a ball socket joint that goes onto a special clip for the PRISM. The screw mount only goes onto a sticky backed clip. It appears there is no way to mount the screw mount to the helmet mount.

    You also can't mount the waterproof case to the side of the helmet - well I can't find a way to anyway as it only has the screw base which doesn't use the main mount. You can put on one of the quick release ones but its at a poor angle.


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  7. This is a way that you can do it.

    Parts you need

    Camera setup

    Helmet setup

    With camera attached
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  8. Thanks for that Nick Ling! I'll look into it
  9. Thanks FOR THE INFO.