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Sena Prism Action Camera Preview

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. The Sena Prism action camera is finally year and will be released in November, according to Sena.

    The camera, which will be called the "Prism", will feature Bluetooth 4.0 for audio recording via a Bluetooth intercom.

    The Bluetooth capability allows the user to control the camera by voice commands through a Sena intercom.

    There is also a clip-on hand grip controller that can be used to control the camera.

    Using a voice or thumb control (joystick on the hand grip controller) makes it easy to start and stop the video recording, which improves battery life because you record only the video you want.

    The Prism has a waterproof rating of 1 meter without requiring a waterproof case.

    The Prism camera kit comes with a huge number of accessories that cost extra with other brands of action cameras. The kit includes the camera, a waterproof housing (for water sports), a double suction cup mount, modular brackets, a handlebar mount, a goggle mount, helmet mount and the unique hand grip controller.

    Photos of the final production version and basic details of the Sena Prism action camera are below and we hope to have an example for a full review before the end of the year.

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  2. It looks a bit bulky, def ugly. But if it works well I suppose. Some of the features sound good.
  3. Really like the idea of audio interface via the bluetooth, that alone would make me switch to Sena from my Drift ...
  4. WTF? It looks like the very first Sony Cam released in 1982
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  5. Anyone been using one of these for a while ? Any good ? Low Light performance ?
  6. I have been using one since January. Video and quality is quite good, although lately sometimes the audio just cuts out. Not sure if this is caused by the camera or the Sena SMH10 headset. Camera also gets very hot when in use. Remote control feature via bluetooth headset is handy.Overall, it is not a bad camera, but I think the Drift or Go Pro are better.