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SENA 10C Helmet Compatibility

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Anzac71, Sep 1, 2016.

  1. Hi everyone, Can anyone advise me if the SENA 10C will fit on a Shoei XR1100 Helmet?
    I am trying to decide which intercom system to buy.

  2. my sena 20 does. if it uses the same clamping type it should be ok
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  3. Thanks GeorgeO.
  4. yep, fits really good imo, already has the spots in the helmet for the speakers which are pretty much perfect.
    i found i didn't need to use any spacers for the speakers, i just used the foam covers.
    the mount for the camera is very solid too. i used the mount that clamps it to the helmet.
    it comes with a stick on camera mount too.
    all the wiring hides away nicely too, if you take the time :)




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  5. Awesome, Thanks KharmaKazi I appreciate the info.

    Nice looking Lid also. :)
  6. It's a pity SENA don't have a universal connector on the helmet. I have a 20S, I'd look at buying one of these if I could just attach it to my current helmet clamp connector.

    That setup looks neat. I have an Arai Vector 2 and the speakers simply fit behind the earpiece covers.
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  7. Also fits great on the Shark Vision R S2. I get just the edge of my visor in the cam and you only feel it if you turn your head right at high speed.
  8. The 10C also comes with a stickon adhesive clamp, so should just stick onto any helmet. I'm looking at changing mine to the stick on, I find the size of the clamp occasionally jags my jacket or back pack strap.The internals arent too awkward, thin earphones, discreet mic.
  9. KharmaKaziKharmaKazi how are you finding the battery life with the Sena 10C camera running?
    I'm lucky to get an hour out of it, less if I'm bluetoothing music. Starting to feel bitterly disappointed with this heavy purchase....
    Searching to see if it will allow an external battery pack to keep power up for longer camera use.
  10. Just found my issue. Might be time for a better power source.
    Why Can't I Power On the Camera After Hearing "Camera off. Battery low"?

    Should have researched it a little better... the dual intercom/camera all in one unit was an awesome concept. Hardware is whats letting this unit down though. Needs better battery life or at least an option to improve with an add on source.
  11. I run a small USB battery bank from JB Hi Fi and a USB cable from my jacket, I run out of card space before I run out of battery
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  12. I must be doing something wrong with the battery pack. Was starting to look at direct hook up to bike battery
  13. You can do that, just use a 12v to 5v usb converter but then the wiring is a little complex. $20 4000mah battery bank does the trick imo
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  14. SpiritechSpiritech thanks man. Sena have a cig plug n cable for the 10c, but I'd rather steer away from direct hook up. It must be operator error as the power bank I have is 9500mah, waterproof and all. I did read on sena page that you can't just hook up after camera turns of in low battery. It needs a minute or so of charge first. May just have to hook up power from the get go and make it part of the set up
  15. to be honest i haven't really used it too much yet, but i have recorded for around 2hrs, i mainly use 720p @ 60fps if that makes any difference.
    i don't really listen to music that often either though.
    was also thinking of setting up a cig socket though for charging, but might just get a battery bank charger setup though in the meantime...
  16. Oh I have the Sena 20s too. It is good.
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  17. The thing with helmet cams is that they are bulky, need constant charging, only record forwards, and tend to make lots of wind noise.
    I like a 'set and forget' solution that I can guarantee records every trip, so I can retrieve it at any time if needed.

    I haven't ordered one yet, but this is next on my list: MotorBike camera Motorcycle Dash Car GPS Waterproof Dual Hardwired Kit Truck
    I like the fact that it's essentially hidden, which means the police won't seize it if they stop you (which they legally can with a camera), and some nutter denying blame in an accident can't grab it (as has been reported in the past)
    Also, with two cameras of about 120 degrees coverage each should catch pretty much anything. My only minor concern is how waterproof the thing is. I suspect it would need wrapping up tightly or sealing in an additional plastic case just in case.

    I have a similar setup in the family car, and when someone turned in front of my wife in the rain we had a fantastic recording of her sliding into the side of them that I included as a link to the insurance company, and they viewed it and approved all repairs while I was still on the phone, so it's paid for itself already :)
  18. Looks like only the cameras are waterproof. Dodgy having to strap the screen thing under the seat.
  19. Camera sounds good. I too was looking at this style but was concerned about water resistance and recording quality.

    What country are you talking about where the police can confiscate your camera? Obviously not in Australia.
  20. Probably more a question for JustusJustus but I believe if police have reasonable suspicion that there might be evidence of a crime committed on your camera footage you can be required to hand it over, not sure if this requires a court order.