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Semi-rural bike servicing and repairs

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Oldmaid, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. So Zeddee is booked in for some post road kiss, TLC on the 5/4 now.
    Has anyone had any experience with getting their loved one serviced up at Port Macca pls??
    Just I am getting (I believe) jerked around a bit with the guys I am currently booked in with. They said a week to get in the levers and the indicator that I wanted and quoted some exciting prices as well. I was also getting the front end checked as steering felt off after the prang.
    It is 2-2.5 hours to Coffs and logistically difficult to get there as no leave to get there during weekdays. Plus bike is not legal to ride at present given no right indicator and only a few cms of front brake lever and can't transport it there :(
    Seems everyone doesn't do much on a Sat work wise in terms of workshop as not the trade I guess.

    Any suggestions pls? If I was just fixing for cosmetic reasons would try all this myself as I put levers on the Ninj but as post prang just a bit nervous if I have damaged anything else and I miss it.
  2. Most bike shops will pick your bike up in a ute if needs be,its not the end of the world to ride without a blinker,as long as you can get a finger on the brake that's ok as well.I have no idea but I expect they might be going the chauvinist route at the shop,just being inexperienced will engage the upsell in some..Check out the Motorcycling Australia site for any local clubs,even race clubs, bound to be enthusiasts local who would be helpful.,might be a ride invite as well, Taree isn't far and that the home of some well known racers.BTW its possible you might have bent the bars in the drop but just as possible you have tweaked the bars or triple trees, thats twisted them a bit,easy and cheap fix, loosen everything and move it back to square and retighten. How do the forks feel, give them a bounce and see if they move nice and smoothly and as far as before,stand off the sidestand,hold the front brake and bunce.Good test for any twisting and binding of the tripals.If its a walking speed off there probably isn't anything major but typically you need to be confident its fine to proceed. Your can spend crazy money on some of those high end levers, seen some for 2 and 3hundred bucks for a pair.
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  3. I would suggest doing some research about the costs of the levers, and present the shop with your costs. Ask them to explain why they are so expensive? I would also suggest that you let them know you are in town for the long term, and they can look forward to servicing and repairs in the future, if and only if you feel you are being looked after. Most will come to the party if they realise you're not stupid, and can see recurring sales.
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