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Semi Happy... now!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ajl, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. Note: this isn't a post about a d@#k head driver (cause theres too many of them) but instead my reaction to a bad situation and what could be better

    so i'm off to work a bit of light rain, figure the experience will be worth the effort and discomfort :?:

    going sweet till a van in the second lane from left decides to do a major death swerve nearly cleaning up the front of one car in the left lane and then me in the turning lane :tantrum:

    seeing this fool's "swift" manouver (had just checked the following car for distance luckily) i'm in full emergency braking heading for the gutter, the turn lane was probably wide enough for filtering/splitting but at the rate of knots he was crossing the lane i decided that the gutter (a smooth one thankfully) followed by grass (if nessacary) was the best option if he contiued

    double luckily someone honked him and he slammed the brakes and swerved right leaving me more room than i filter in but i still didn't know if he'd seen me :-w

    so once if front i'm honking giving the bird and a whole lot of verbal and signals about looking (after a quick check for more incoming blindies)
    he then never came closer than about 50m but it still shook me a little, but two super positives

    no lock up in the wet :woot:
    my mrs who i rang first and expected an earfull from was really good :angel:

    make it three no smashy smashy

    so how was ur wet ride this morning, safe trip all

    ps anyone work at GM at fishermens bend?
  2. i'm glad that ive been doing about 500k a week on it as i reckon it helps,
    newbies (me inc) practise emergency braking as u never know when ur gonna need it :!:
  3. Good to hear of a positive outcome mate. :wink:
    I'd almost forgotten what's its like to ride in rain, seeing as its been so damn dry the past couple of months.
    I didn't feel as 'comfy' riding the hornet in the wet, as I did the SL250 ( which was ridden mostly in the wet - winter months)
    Perhaps its the metzeler tyre? .. the front feels its sliding out when turning at an intersection.... or maybe it's just me not having ridden the hornet in the wet as much. :?
  4. Cheers mate

    I got new tyres last friday and the old ones gave no feedback in fact had it step out big time last time it rained though it was fairly worn. i found today that the rear was walking a little but felt a little more sure footed (GT301 as compared to the old K630's)

    i like riding too much to stop for a rain so i figure i better practise for winter :roll:

    there was a good outcome but its pretty hard to focus properly afterwards, i made a wrong turn ended up down a side st and just took a little minute whilst waiting at the lights much better after that
  5. ant ya big goose, you do know people who work at/near GM. three of us! :grin: good to hear that it all turned out ok this morning. lucky you got those new tyres hey! imho its pointless flipping the bird and getting all mad. when a cabbie cut me off on monday i just did a 'wanker' motion :jerk: . less 'aggressive' than the bird and i reckon more likely to make the guy feel like a dick. :LOL: i'm going round to yours after work on thursday, btw. catcha then mate.
  6. i just wanted him to see how stupid he'd just been, maybe that way he'll think twice about doing a death swerve next time

    u know i don't have enough time to leave the site, cool for thurs, read the ride planning thread for wed coffee, could be good

    good to see ur working as hard as me
  7. I had an incident with a van on King Georges Road near Greenacre in NSW, I was in the left lane on my Blackbird and was next to the van and he decided to merge left into the spot I was currently occupying, not sure if he indicated.

    I hit the anchors hard while getting left as much as I can without hitting the kerb with my finger on the horn.

    I have never san a cager try so hard to correct his mistake. He swerved back so hard that the van went up on the 2 right hand side wheels then crashed down onto the other wheels.

    As I came up beside him again I noticed he had 2 other females in the van with him, one appeared to be his wife and the other either mother or mother in law who were giving him an earful. I decided there is nothing I can say to make his day worse at that stage so I just rode off giggling under my helmet.
  8. ah sweet justice, it never stings as much as when its from the mrs. lucky the bugger didn't land on you :shock:
  9. not a great one for me. saw a seriously downed rider didnt see the accident just the mangled bike and the mangled fella lying on the bitumen half covered by an umbrella with alot of stressed out poeple standing around especially the hatch-driving females. sorry to be a downer, kinda shaken me up though.
  10. i wish that people would just take a few minutes to consider how vuneralble (all road users) but especially motorcyclists and cyclists are

    because it ain't gonna be alright, if it ain't ur fault. sorry to hear about ur morn and the rider it sucks when you see any accident hope they recover :(
  11. Hope the dudes alright. :(