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Semi-budget vinduro basher- '82 Yamaha IT250

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by jwebb2876, Jun 4, 2015.

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    I'm aware that this is primarily a roadie forum, but I'm primarily a dirtbike guy, so... Anyway, I thought I'd throw up a few pictures of my beloved piece of crap. As the title says, it's an '82 IT250.
    It's my only dirtbike, hence it pulls duty doing everything from moving mobs of sheep to chasing feral pigs to riding vinduros to trailriding. It pulls like a teenage boy with his first girlie mag and has been pretty much unbreakable, suspension and brakes are pretty average though. Plans there are to swap the spindly 38mm YZ125 forks for a set of rebuilt and revalved 43mm cartridge forks off an '88 YZ250. Shock will be getting turfed in favour of a Racetech G3S unit.

    Bit of a read, and not much to it, but anyway. Here's the story so far.
    As I bought it, complete with crap tyres, stuffed crank seals, chain/sprockets and snail cams (weren't the right ones either), blown forks and a clattery top end. It was fairly complete though, only missing the lights and silencer insert.

    Rebuilt (sort of, more on this later) forks, a bit of air in the tyres and some assembly later, we had a semi-rideable bike.

    Lost the tank sticker, patched up a couple of splits in the tank then managed to gum the carb up with bits of fuel line thanks to E10. Lesson learnt: E10 is the devil.
    It had been used almost exclusively to move sheep and drag race my cousin's late XR250 at this point. Did the crank seals around here as well.

    Can't remember what I was doing here, probably patching the tank for the 181451818525185th time

    Put a new chain+front sprocket on it after the old sprocket sheared three teeth and smashed the sprocket cover boss and some of the clutch arm seal recess out of the left side case half. Turns out that's a REALLY common thing with these, couldn't find an undamaged L/H case in the sea of pristine (relatively) R/H cases, so I just Devconned the broken bit back into place.
    Rooted chain is rooted.

    New one.

    Made a long M6x1.0 bolt to replace the tank bolts, they had a habit of going walkabout as the threads in the frame aren't great.

    Pulled the top end down for a look, it wasn't pretty. Anyone for some hotspots?
    That head is still running fine on the bike now, without even the barest hint of any detonation. I'll find another head eventually; it's all good for now though.
    Piston was pretty scuffed up, bore wasn't much better.

    This was the week before last year's Cookardinia Vinduro, didn't have time to put a new top end in it so I put it back together and loaded the bike on the ute for the trip down.
    The event itself was great fun, aren't many better ways to spend the weekend, in my opinion :D
    This was taken on Sunday morning, after I wrestled a 9 year old hard compound tyre with the biggest rim protector I've ever seen onto the rear wheel. That was after I discovered on Saturday that the Dunlop D605 that was on there previously was complete and utter crap.

    And this one is 6hrs later. Blown forks (thanks to me hitting the same drainage ditch at warp speed, not once, but twice...lol), broken case repair and a very, very tired rider after 3 laps of the 17km loop.
    This one is early Sunday morning; I'm the handsome fellow on the left.

    The '83-on headlight was put on the shelf in favour of this thing.
    Original H/J headlight shroud. That's a bog tin lid glued in the hole..... lol.

    The original forks weren't great; the right side was fine, but the left one looked like someone had decided that saltwater would make a good substitute for fork oil. So, I bought forks and triples off a 1983 YZ125K off of Ebay.
    Same fork diameter (38mm), clamps have the same fork spacing and offset as the IT ones, so, instead of replacing the whole shebang and having to spring for headstem bearings, I replaced the forks and upper triple. As an added bonus, the YZ upper triple has conventional upright bar mounts, as compared to the daft laid-back mounts on the IT clamp. Means I can run bar risers and make it easier for my 6'5 tall, ape-armed and long-legged self to ride standing up.

    After the fork swap and reassembly of the top end, I threw a pair of old handguards I got off my brother and a new el-cheapo front tyre on it, put on a fellow YamahaIT.com.au forum member's trailer and took it down to Jugiong for a forum ride. Ran the motor in down there, once that was done the thing ran like a raped ape all weekend. I had a ball, can't wait to go back.
    A few weeks later I received a package.
    New (well, to me anyway) tank, complete with zero cracks.

    I replaced the bog tin lid with an actual light, bolted an ugly XR600 taillight (which has since been replaced with an aftermarket XR650 light; MCS brand, XR4 p.no) to it to cover the hole in the guard and replaced the chattery, too narrow YZ465 rear brake with the correct one. The brake cam had jammed up in the sleeve it runs in and pulled it out of the brakeplate with it; I freed it up, cleaned everything off, put a bit of bearing retainer on the outside of the sleeve and pressed it back into the plate with the bench vise. Voila, one properly working rear brake.


    And that's pretty much where I'm up to. My next event is at Canowindra in August, followed by Cookardinia in September, it needs tyres and a shock rebuild before then, other than that and a planned strip down and cosmetic tidy up after Cooka it's pretty much done.

    -'82 Yamaha IT250J
    1.0mm oversize, YZ465 rear wheel, YZ465 TLS front brake, YZ125K forks and upper triple, Renthal 'bars and a home-job silencer originally off an IT465 that I was given for free.
    All up it's cost me roughly $1700, including the purchase price. Damn good value for money in my books.
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  2. Love it mate! 2 strokes rule!!
    Like many here, I started on dirt as a young whippersnapper and this bike is from my era. Never owned an IT, but had a KDX200 and a PE400. All great bikes.
    Not coming up for Classic dirt then?
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  4. I'd love to, but the trip up would blow my shoestring budget out of the water on it's own. Next year.
  5. Not sure where it will be held next year.
    They move it around, although it seems to be up here a lot, I think because of the kinder weather and the excellent facility at Green Park Conondale. Perhaps next year it might be closer to home for you.
    I ride past Greene Park every weekend on my regular early morning weekend ride. I will be there this Saturday.
  6. Great read sounds like great fun too keep the pics and stories coming