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Selling your modded bike, are you making a profit?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Marick, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. Just curious if people who are restoring and modding bikes are selling them for a profit, a loss or breaking even?

    Was it your intention to try and profit, or just to see what you could come up with?

    Is there a distinct market for restored/modded bikes?
  2. Modifying a bike is a money pit. If anything it will be worth less than an unmodified bike.

    Restoring is a similar story, although it may be worth more, you will spend more than the difference restoring it.
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    Any mods you put on you'll get less than 50% of the value in terms of extra resale, if that. For expensive items like shocks and exhaust you're better off selling them separately as you'll get more than the extra value added to the bike. If you spend 2000 on a full exhaust system, someone might pay a few hundred extra for that, a small fraction.

    This is obviously a generalisation and exceptions apply, but having mods will turn off more people than it attracts. I know plenty of people who are only interested in buying original unmodified condition, and less who want heavily modified. If you do it, go subtle and relatively stock looking. Having the right mods might mean yours stand out in the market, but they won't pay much more than stock, if at all.

    In the end, you'll lose out. Best to buy a bike as close as possible to having the mods you want. You're dreaming if you think you'll add more value than the cost of the mods.
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  4. ^^^ What he said, couldn't agree more
  5. Thanks for the feedback. Definitely sounds like something from experience. I am/was considering modding my M600 extensively, however Im wondering whether a resto job would be better, to bring it back to original '94 condition.
  6. Depending upon what you're starting with, even taking an average bike back to smart, let alone showroom, will probably cost more than it's worth unless you get lucky with parts, have talented and generous mates, or you can do almost everything yourself. You've got to want to own the bike after it's finished to justify the cost, or write off the loss as an overhead of your hobby. My Honda C50 Cub project is being done for peanuts but that's because the parts out of Asia are so cheap. But the bike will be worth $1200 maximum even if I get it as good as the day it was made, so I don't have much margin to work in. But I want to build a keeper.
  7. It depends, I brought a gpx250 for $350, fixed fairings and painted it myself. It owed me $700 in the end and I sold it for $1400.
    Brought a suzuki across for $450 , dropped another $450 on getting it running and swapped it for a sv650 worth $4k
  8. Every bike I've modified I've basically struggled to sell for the same money as a stock bike, doesn't stop me though I don't buy bikes to make a profit out of them.