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Selling your bike to a dealer

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by natzca, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. Has anyone have any experience selling their bike in NSW to either ActionMC, BikeBiz or Close Motorcycles?

    I haven't done it before and am wondering if it's a good option rather than sticking it on Bikesales/trading post etc...

  2. I've done it, many years ago. It's the EASY option. Minimal haggling (won't get you anywhere anyway), no tire-kickers and no a-holes trying to nick your bike. You won't get as much for it, but you will get paid and paid on the spot.
  3. I have sold to dealers in the past. I agree with Dark Angel, however you will get less money for your bike so it comes down to how much your time is worth and how quickly tyre kickers bring you out in punches.
    As I hate chancers low balling me whilst insulting my ride (if you don't like it don't try to buy it, idiot) I prefer selling to dealers when buying a new bike, I just ask for a changeover price and negotiate from there on.
  4. How does this go when swapping brands (honda vtr250 which they should be able to move) to a BMW?
  5. It normally doesn't matter if you are swapping brands as most keep a selection of trade-ins that are made up of different brands.
    I've never had a dealer refuse a bike based on it not being their primary brand - they may however offer a stupidly low offer to dissuade you.
    If your bike is next to worthless to them they'll just ring up a contact in the trade to take it off their hands.
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  6. The questions is " Will you take what they offer" If they have something similar for $9,500 on the lot. Your first offer will be $6,000 for yours. They might go to seven but yours will have to be perfect. Only using those figures as a guide.
  7. that's what I was wondering, how much do they usually offer compared to what you would put it for sale on your own,

    mine's around $7300 on bikesales.
  8. At a guess, $5k, but that's a guess. If they think they can get more for it, and you can haggle effectively, you could well get more. It pays to know what it's worth in the Glass's Guide before you go in. They're there to make money, not provide you with a service.
  9. putting it on commission is another option, this is how i sold my last bike.

    basically, they put it on the lot and sell it for you, they take a cut, you take the rest.

    this way, i got nearly double what they offered to buy it from me for, but it can go either way.

    things to keep in mind. its still your bike, you have to have it insured and registered (it is usually covered by the shops insurance while it is on their property, but on the road, its yours).
  10. You won't make as much as selling it privately, you're paying for the convenience of not having people wasting your time. As I said in an earlier post, it comes down to the balance between your need for a good price against your ability to put up with possible tyre kickers.
  11. Going to try my luck with selling privately, and if it doesn't work out, then look at a dealership,
    thanks for the feedback guys,

    has anyone dealt with those dealerships in particular?
    Close Motorcycles, ActionMC, BikeBiz